Design Network Africa [DNA] is a dynamic programme led by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), funded by the Danish Government and orchestrated by Source. DNA connects highly respected designers from sub-Saharan Africa who represent the vibrancy and distinctive expression of a new African identity. In a true interchange of skills, aesthetics and narratives, the programme is designed to encourage collaboration, mentorship and experimentation. Designers are selected for their authentic and diverse voices, sophisticated and original products and unique global appeal…” GUILD

Hamed Ouattara – Hamed Design – Burkina Faso  _20140227_231833bhohr_2014-02-28 06.20.38aahohr

‘My goal is to provide a key point in a continent which suffers from imports and all kinds of imitation furniture, especially of poor quality and which does not reflect our culture.’ Ouattara




Cheik Diallo – Diallo Design – Mali


“I was not interested in just producing another chair – I wanted to look at another way of sitting. I decided to focus my design on artisanal methods.
With the artisanal one can preserve the culture of Africa and its savoir faire and then elevate it and make it contemporary through design.” Cheick Diallo

 “I don’t have an interest in design if it is only to remake that which already exists.” Cheick Diallo




Andile Dyalvane - Imiso Ceramics – Cape Town

Clay, Dyalvane says, gives him “the ability to create something beautiful,  valuable and usable, incorporating the four elements of  life – earth, water, air and fire.”

Imiso Ceramics, The Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Unit A102, Woodstock
Phone : +27(0)21 447 2627
Email : info@imisoceramics.co.za
Website : http://www.imisoceramics.co.za


_20140308_194058chohr . _20140227_232718ahohr . _2014-02-28 06.23.49hohr .


Photography by Odette Herbert


Other DNA members at GUILD







DNA : http://designnetworkafrica.org/
GUILD : http://guilddesignfair.com/portfolio/design-network-africa/
Centre for Culture and Development (CKU)

World Design Capital – Cape Town 2014
 handel : @WDC2014




“Founded in June 2009, Coletivo Amor de Madre is a Brazilian/ Colombian gallery focused on the development, production and presentation of disruptive design and art. Led by Ivan Hurtado Arango, plastic artist and architect, and Olivia Yassudo Faria, artist and publicist, the gallery is dedicated to developing unique work by contemporary artists from Latin America and other regions. Coletivo Amor de Madre focuses on dynamic, conceptual work that pushes boundaries through the use of recycled materials, subverting traditional wood production, technological exploration led by social inspiration and incorporating craft and handmade techniques. Exhibiting both the most acknowledged designers and emerging talents from the continent, GUILD provides an opportunity to focus on work from Brazil.” Guild



The idea of Coletivo Amor De Madre, [‘mother’s love collective’] speaks to our understanding of how passionately our designers love their work, how they literally give birth to it – and we want it to be received with the same love. As a collective, we also encourage creative exchange.”
Olivia Yassuda Faria


Photography by Odette Herbert


Coletivo Amor De Madre Gallery :
Rua Estados Unidos, 2174, 01427-002 São Paulo, Brazil

web site : http://coletivoamordemadre.com/
facebook : https://www.facebook.com/COLETIVOAMORDEMADRE
twitter : https://twitter.com/feelgood__
instagram :
GUILD : http://guilddesignfair.com/portfolio/coletivo-amor-de-madre/


And if you’re going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil – you HAVE to pop in to the gallery – they will be thrilled to see you!

Fifa World Cup 2014 – Sao Paulo fixtures and info

Here’s some info on Sao Paulo & a 4 min Video.
Sao Paulo is gigantic compared to Cape Town!
The city scapes made me laugh, as I saw how tiny Cape Town is but my goodness we are bursting in creativity, art and design!

Altitude : 760 m (2,493.4 ft)
Population 11,316,149 eleven million! (2011)
Time zone BRT (UTC−3)
• Summer (DST) BRST (UTC−2)
Postal Code (CEP) 01000-000
Area code(s) (+55) 11
Website http://www.prefeitura.sp.gov.br



3D320140227_213846aahohrMICHAELLA JANSE VAN VUUREN
Phd. – Electrical engineering – South African

“..van Vuuren’s work is about experimentation and evolution, about art and science and new materials and processes. She looks at technology as a creative tool and has turned to new methods of manufacturing and design that have pushed the boundaries beyond what could ever be achieved by conventional processes.
Digital design and additive manufacturing have become her tools and it is the perfect medium to explore her artistic and technical interests.
By means of 3D printing she has been able to give substance to her imagination, with no limit to realising even the most elaborate image.” GUILD

“… or Additive manufacturing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.
3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.
3D printing is also considered distinct from traditional machining techniques, which mostly rely on the removal of material by methods such as cutting or drilling (subtractive processes).” Wikipedia



_DSC_8858ahohrTrevyn McGowan, conducting a tour through the collections at the Guild Design Fair. The audience stood spell bound at what she had to say on the significance and profound effect 3D printing will have in the future in Africa and the world
[McGowan, bespoke instigator of the Design Fair – the first in Africa, with her partner Julian McGowan]

Trevyn McGowan - Southern Guild [DSC_8860ahohr]


Photography by Odette Herbert

A new paradigm – in the way we make things

Watch Michaella Janse van Vuuren talking about 3D printing & fashion


facebook : agentsofthe3drevolution
twitter : 3dagents : @3dagents






Enthusiastic Van Vuuren’s wish, was to inspire
“…creatives with the possibilities of 3d printing and to exposing programmers, engineers and 3D designers to the groundbreaking work being showcased at Guild. We would like to create a dialogue between 3D print manufacturers, designers and the many visitors to the show.”


Sand Beast 3D model shown on BBC IQ program by Stephen Fry


“More than just a fair for beautiful objects, guild represents the coming together of dedicated, focused curators, designers and institutions who are striving to preserve and provoke exceptional, ground breaking design. Guild will introduce highly respected design authorities and works from Africa, USA, South America, Britain and Europe and present these unique viewpoints to a fresh audience.” gdf

gdf [GUILD Design Fair - Cape Town]



Twitter :  @GUILDdesignfair

Southern Guild



World Design Capital 2014





Guild is partnered by : ArcelorMittal South Africa
Guild is sponsored by : ABSA

hoh1_20140306_175048_bDESIGNERS / ARTISTS
: Xandre Kriel : Willowlamp : Tonic design : Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens : Sibusiso Mthembu : Ronel Jordaan : Porky Hefer : Pieter Mathews : Piers Mansfield-scaddan :Pierre Cronje : Philippe Bousquet : Paco : Okha : Nkhensani Nkosi : Nic Bladen : Mock Mock : Michele Mathison : Michaella Janse Van Vuuren : Michael MacGarry : Lyall Sprong : Laurie Wiid Van Heerden : Koop : John Vogel : Joe Paine : James Mudge : Imiso : House On Fire : Heath Nash : Haldane Martin : Guy Du Toit : Gregor Jenkin : Goet : Givan Lötz : Enrico Daffonchio : Enock gwenya : Egg : Dylan Lewis : Dokter & Misses : David Manando : David Krynauw : Daniella Mooney : Conrad Hicks : Conrad Botes : Christina : Ceramic Matters : Casamento : Bryer : Bronze Age : Bronwyn Lace : Brett Murray : Astrid Dahl : Ardmore : Angus Taylor : Anatomy Design : Adam Birch :

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28.2.14 – 9.3.14



Dylan Lewis

“South African artist who has emerged as one of the foremost figures in contemporary sculpture. Lewis’ work features in private collections throughout the UK, Continental Europe, United States and Australia, and he is one of only a handful of living artists to have had more than one solo auction with Christie´s in London.

Lewis´s primary inspiration is the wilderness. He works intensively from life, filling books with sketches, notes and drawings. By referring to these in the solitude of his studio, he is able to reproduce the subject´s physical form while exploring their more abstract, deeper meaning.” SOUTHERN GUILD

Photography by : Odette Herbert
Cell phone photo





GUILD Design Fair Cape Town – image medley
Instagram : handle = odetteherbert


#ctgdf2014 #capetownguilddesignfair2014 #guilddesignfair #guildfair

#agentsofthe3drevolution #artisans #coletivoamordemadre #designnetworkafrica #handspringpuppetcompany #nachocarbonell #originscentre #r&company #rossanaorlandi #southernguild #victoria&albertmuseum&britishcouncil
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#ctwdc2014#ctworlddesigncapital2014 #designcapital #capetown #worlddesigncapital #capetown #africa #southafrica #southernguild #trevynmcgowan #julianmcgowan #trevyn&julianmcgowan
#design #art 28.2.14 – 9.3.14


hoh1_20140226_112459_a - Copy  hoh1_20140226_112841 - Copy hoh1_20140226_121650A - Copy  hoh1_20140226_115148A - Copy hoh1_20140226_113606A - Copy hoh1_2014-02-28 10.15.08 - Copy hoh1_20140227_185142A - Copy hoh1_20140227_184542B - Copy hoh1_20140227_185455 - Copy hoh1_20140227_201522A - Copy hoh1_20140226_201235a - Copy hoh1_20140227_20114A2 - Copy hoh1_20140227_172415_a - Copy hoh1_20140227_184322A - Copy hoh1_20140227_182417A - Copy hoh1_20140227_195246A - Copy hoh1_20140227_191324 - Copy hoh1_20140227_194224A - Copy hoh1_20140227_194211 - Copy hoh1_20140227_192610a - Copy

Photography by Odette Herbert [with a mobile phone]

Tap/click on the images to see them larger – more info on who’s who to follow…
ACA = African Contemporary Art

Exhibitors :


Art Vault Gallery

Artist Proof Studio


The AVA Gallery

Barnard Gallery

blank projects

Bronze Age



David Krut Projects

Deon Viljoen


EDGE Glass Gallery


Everard Read

Frank Joubert Art Centre

Gallery AOP

Goodman Gallery

Joāo Ferreira

Johans Borman Fine Art

Maboneng Township Arts Experience

Michaelis School of Fine Art

Omenka Gallery

red room art


SMAC Art Gallery


Strauss & Co

The Christopher Moller Art Gallery

The South African Print Gallery

Warren Editions

Whatiftheworld / Gallery



34FineArt, Art Vault Gallery, Artist Proof Studio, Artthrob, The AVA Gallery, Barnard Gallery, blank projects, Bronze Age, Brundyn+, Commune.1, David Krut Projects, Deon Viljoen, Ebony, EDGE Glass Gallery, ErdmannContemporary, Everard Read, Frank Joubert Art Centre, Gallery AOP, Goodman Gallery, Joāo Ferreira, Johans Borman Fine Art, Maboneng Township Arts Experience, Michaelis School of Fine Art, Omenka Gallery, red room art, Salon91, SMAC Art Gallery, Stevenson, Strauss & Co, The Christopher Moller Art Gallery, The South African Print Gallery, Warren Editions, Whatiftheworld / Gallery, Worldart


They are so beautifully made –  they gave me goose bumps
Photograph by Odette Herbert

  • CTGDF2014 – Cape Town Guild Design Fair
  • On till 9th March
  • Waterfront : Stadium side
  • Parking R10
  • Expect to be bowled ova!
  • http://guilddesignfair.com/

“Handspring’s work has been instrumental in redefining boundaries between craft and art, fine art and performance art, the living and the dead. Their puppets for War Horse, have become icons of design innovation, receiving the Olivier Award for Design in London and a Tony Award in New York. These puppets embody a thirty-year development process during which levels of craftsmanship and expressiveness gradually matured. Handspring’s puppetry training methods developed concomitantly over time and then were propelled forward rapidly during the rehearsal processes with successive groups of puppeteers leading to openings of the play in London, New York, Toronto, Sydney etc.. Their training now embodies a philosophy of breath, of ‘group mind’ and of micromovement, which is being widely utilized in contemporary puppetry. And their puppet making too is very much part of a coordinated group effort with craftspeople in their Cape Town factory sharing their expertise across continents and welcoming puppet makers from abroad to interact with and develop their own methodologies. The not-for-profit Handspring Trust, which has developed out of the success of War Horse, now works in Masipumelele and Barrydale, bringing Young Leaders into the Handspring Factory in Capricorn Park for training, and returning them, inspired , to their own communities, where they are running annual festivals and puppetry workshops for younger learners. And Handspring’s senior puppet makers, decamp each year to Barrydale to help finish puppets and participate in the Day of Reconciliation parade and performance, which slowly grows in reputation.

So, for Handspring, puppetry has become a medium which can touch, reflect and amplify many aspects of our lives: self expression, care and respect for both objects and people, understanding of animal being, expertise in mechanical engineering.

Puppets can exist as objects and are indeed beautiful in themselves. But they magnify and extend their power when they enter the fourth dimension of time and performance. Then they become our emotional prostheses: mechanical objects which take on life and express our lives, whether in the schools and the streets of a rural community, or enchanting audiences on the world’s great stages.” Guild




. . . . . hoh1_hoh1_20140227_231833a . . . . . hoh1_2014-02-28 06.20.38aa . . . . .

  • Photography by : Odette Herbert . . . . . . .
  • Cape Town Guild Design Fair
  • 26th February – 9th March
  • Cape Town : Waterfront : Stadium side : South Africa
  • Was completely bowled ova!

PHOTOS: Oil drum Metal – table/chair/bench ‘Amis & table, Manger Beleza’
Designer : HAMED OUATTARA : Burkina Faso : West Africa

“Through his raw mixed-media creations Ouatarra aims to bring out design that exposes the realities of modern Africa.

‘My goal is to provide a key point in a continent which suffers from imports and all kinds of imitation furniture, especially of poor quality and which does not reflect our culture.’

He has exhibited widely – from Bilbao, Spain to Miami, USA” DNA
DNA [Design Network Africa]

HAMED DESIGN : hameddesign23@yahoo.fr



CTGDF2014 [Cape Town GUILD Design Fair]


Southern Guild


DNA is Funded by The Remarkable Danish People!


Champions of Human Rights!


hoh1_hoh1_20140227_192610aRR6 Cape Town Art Fair curator, Andrew Lamprecht, stands in front of the world famous Tretchikoff “Chinese Woman”, better known as, the’Green Woman.’
(In fact she has a blue face.)

Lamprecht curated the Tretchikoff Exhibition in 2011, at the South African National Gallery in Cape Town. I heard a rumour at the Cape Town  Art Fair that the, green woman’ is about to be auctioned again. It holds the South African record for the highest sale price reached at auction – I was unable to find any figures.

The exhibition was surrounded by controversy, as some art critiques & academics felt that it was inappropriate to have Tretchicoff featured in the countries prestigious National Gallery.
Tretchikoff was nick named, ‘the king of kitsch’ and known as the ‘people’s artist’.
Born in 1913 in Russia and lived  in Cape Town till he died  in 2006.

“…In his heyday, Tretchikoff’s exhibitions drew record audiences at home and abroad. He pioneered the idea of selling affordable copies of his works, enabling working class people to own art which they proudly displayed above their mantelpieces. Works such as, Chinese Girl, The Dying Swan and Fighting Zebras have become a vital part of popular culture.

‘In many ways, Tretchikoff is a major figure in the history of South African and world art and ignoring him won’t make him go away. It’s about time that we gave him a critical look and reassessed his rightful place in our art history,’
Andrew Lamprecht –  The exhibition curator
http://www.artlink.co.za/news_article.htm?contentID=27159 )

Photograph by Odette Herbert


:::[public page - dedicated to photographers]
:::[public PAGE - great images I've found on facebook]

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This is a section from a large painting by Scrimgeour – Her work is so very beautiful and profound. One can easily see how arduous and pain staking it must have been to execute – and it’s not copied from a photograph! So I was told,by one of the fortunate Everard Read Gallery owners, David Tripp.

Photography by Odette Herbert

I have posted some images of the Art Fair I was fortunate to get to the opening day



Waterfront - Cape Town
South Africa

#odetteherbert #carynscrimgeour #art #fineart #ctaf2014 #ctartfair 2014 #capetownartfair  #art #fineart #contemporaryart #everadreadgallery #davidtripp

Yough! What a wonderful experience… am still in shock from the quantity of stunning art hanging on the walls by African artists & or African galleries.
Lovely friendly atmosphere – got a little too crowded for me at times…
Congratulations to organisers, great job and sponsors who paid for it!
Here are a few images I took with my phone.

Apologies to all for not putting your names or gallery names.
I will do my best to add captions later.

hoh1_hoh1_20140226_112434_aRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140226_201457aRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_181608ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_185335bRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_173038_A)RR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_195956ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140226_112239aRR6  hoh1_hoh1_20140227_175719ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_200519ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_171947_BRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_191814aRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_174956ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_193114ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_181526ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_173434aRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_190930aRR6     hoh1_hoh1_20140227_190805aRR6 hoh1_hoh1_20140227_183631ARR6hoh1_hoh1_20140227_195237ARR6 hoh1_hoh1_2014-02-28 10.31.04RR6 

Photography by Odette Herbert




https://www.facebook.com/pages/503-HOH/355869871179293?ref=hl :::[public page - dedicated to photographers]
https://www.facebook.com/pages/HOH/250741798312798?ref=hl :::[public PAGE - great images I've found on facebook]

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• ROSSANA ORLANDI collection @ Guild Design 2014

Rossana Oralndi
Milano Italy

Marco Tabasso in/on the Papagallo Chair (Peacock)

Photography by Odette Herbert
GUILD Design ends 9th March 2014
Venue : @ Waterfront – stadium end – big bungalowesque (single story) building next to the open car park (R10!) on top of the hillock.

Monday – Saturday: 11am – 8pm
Sunday 2 Mar: 11am – 6pm
Sunday 9 Mar: 11am – 4pm (closing day)

Sat 1 Mar: 11am – 12noon
Sun 2 Mar: 11am – 12 noon & 2 – 3pm
Sat 8 Mar: 11am – 12 noon & 2 – 3pm
Sun 9 Mar: 11am – 12noon

#agentsofthe3drevolution #artisans #coletivoamordemadre #designnetworkafrica #handspringpuppetcompany #nachocarbonell, #originscentre #r&company #rossanaorlandi #southernguild #victoria&albertmuseum&britishcouncil

hoh1_20140226_112651aErnestine White : guest curator of the Cape Town Art Fair 2014 [& fine artist]
A fabulous conglomeration of 
44 galleries/ projects/ institutions. A spiritual experience at the skill & deeply thought out works – It has changed me! The power of art & culture to see other ways of seeing…

Exhibitors :


Art Vault Gallery

Artist Proof Studio


The AVA Gallery

Barnard Gallery

blank projects

Bronze Age



David Krut Projects

Deon Viljoen


EDGE Glass Gallery


Everard Read

Frank Joubert Art Centre

Gallery AOP

Goodman Gallery

Joāo Ferreira

Johans Borman Fine Art

Maboneng Township Arts Experience

Michaelis School of Fine Art

Omenka Gallery

red room art


SMAC Art Gallery


Strauss & Co

The Christopher Moller Art Gallery

The South African Print Gallery

Warren Editions

Whatiftheworld / Gallery


Photography by Odette Herbert

[With phone #samsung]

#odetteherbert #ctartfair2014 #ctaf2014 #ernestinewhite #art #fineart #capetown #waterfront #africa #southafrica #capetownartfair2014 . #africa #art #culture #design #artistry #fineart #capetownartfair2014 #ctaf2014 #ctartfair2014 #Artthrob #AVAGallery #BarnardGallery #blankprojects #BronzeAgeza #Brundyn+ #Commune1 #DavidKrutProjects #DeonViljoen #Ebony #EDGEGlassGallery #ErdmannContemporary #EverardRead #FrankJoubertArtCentre #GalleryAOP #GoodmanGallery #JoāoFerreira #JohansBormanFineArt #MabonengTownshipArtsExperience #MichaelisSchoolofFineArt #OmenkaGallery #redroomart #Salon91 #SMACArtGallery #Stevenson Strauss&Co #ChristopherMollerArtGallery #SouthAfricanPrintGallery #WarrenEditions #WhatiftheworldGallery #Worldart .

Artist : Caryn Scrimgeour from Everard Read Gallery -Portswood Rd, Cape Town 8001

W H E N ?

Friday, 28 February 2014
10h00 – 20h00

Saturday, 1 March 2014
10h00 – 20h00

Sunday, 2 March 2014
10h00 – 18h00

W H E R E ?
The Pavilion, V&A Waterfront
Cnr. Portswood & Beach Road, V&A Waterfront, Cape Town, South Africa

A R T F A I R I N F O : http://www.artfaircapetown.co.za

T I C K E T S : Adults:R70 / Students (On presentation of a valid student card): R45 / Pensioners (6o+): R45 / Children 5-12 years old: R45 (over 12 is adult price) / Children under 4 years old: Free
COMPUTICKET : http://online.computicket.com/web/event/cape_town_art_fair/801868788/

TWITTER : https://twitter.com/CtArtFair

FACEBOOK : https://www.facebook.com/CTArtFair

MAP & DIRECTIONS : http://www.artfaircapetown.co.za/directions-parking/


Everard Read Gallery : http://www.everard-read-capetown.co.za/?m=1



28th February to 2nd March

Cape Town International Conferance Centre

Not to be missed – a big creatives love fest!
Big wigs in Design and Creativity – congregating to share their genius…but it costs a vast penny for Capetonians- a song for the aliens!

Brilliant site to perooze…



Photography by
Odette Herbert

Click on image to see MORE!


photography by : Odette Herbert
Odette Herbert : facebook

Photography by Odette Herbert

If you click on the images they show up larger

LINK - DESIGN INDABA 2012 – Cape Town.


Photography by Odette Herbert

If you click on the images they show up larger

LINK - DESIGN INDABA 2012 – Cape Town.




It was created by Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger  (October 2010) an iphone users, only recently has been open to all other android operated phones.

Ones page looks like the image above..people follow each other ..its a very simple sight and limited to what you can do on it BUT it’s made up of mainly right brained folk who love to take photos with their phones and many do pretty crazy things. I get the impression its a bit of a love in and fest!

It’s a whole sub culture? world wide and some of us meet up for an #instameet/#instawalk/#igerscapetown,  take photos, swop notes, have a laugh.

You can only open an account/page on their platform if you have a ‘smart’ phone (android or iphone)
one can only then, download the #instagram app (apps/store)

As you add photos to it from your phone this is what your page will look like..

All images taken by Odette Herbert

instagram handel : odetteherbert


Sources & indepth info :


ENTRANCE = FREE = MAHALA! WHAT A GIFT – 2hrs at least to see everything



Photography by Odette Herbert
The Exhibition venue, Cape Town’s Town Hall [1905], is the building that, Nelson Mandela, gave his monumental, historic first speech, 4 hrs after he was released from prison (Victor-Verster Prison, Paarl, @ 4:14pm. 11.2.1990 – 64k away)

“Mr Mandela, the deputy-president of the ANC, appeared on the balcony of Cape Town’s City Hall to speak to the 50,000 people assembled outside at 20:00 local time.” [BBC]

Comrades and fellow South Africans, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands….
Nelson Mandela

The room he stepped out of, onto the balcony, to be seen by the crowd for the first time, is one of the rooms used in the exhibition
[BBC News footage]

I have deliberately not activated the links to enlarge the small images! So that you will have to go there to see it for yourself! And e x p e r i e n c e the event – And I didn’t want to rob you of the element of surprise – you just have to see how much work has gone into putting an event like this together – I have some images somewhere which I will post when I find them – taken on the day i went to drop off my entry – alas not chosen from the 2500!

The Edwardian Town Hall exudes grandeur, enormous rooms with 5m high ceilings, marble stairs, mosaic & organ pine floors. It was all about showing off colonial power and wealth – sadly it has been neglected & is falling apart.

I could see how much work the Spier team have done to transform the building – repainting the walls and laying out 100 artists work. They have transformed a desperately dingy, sad, old, magnificent & semi-derelict building into an attractive space – that I would love to live in!

Fifa moves in at the end of May for the World Cup – I believe it will be a media centre.

It would be brilliant to have the Town Hall as a permanent cultural centre after Fifa have buzzed off don’t you think?

If you feel the same – Please make a lot of noise about this – the Mayor and especially the deputy Mayor, for starters – he gets the importance of art and culture! (I worked this out as I managed to corner him at a function I was at by default – I told him I thought his bling bling chain, was really kitchy & obviously not gold – which was a heartening thing on an other level!)

There are sooo many artists here in the Western Cape that we are a force to be reckoned with – if we got organised & speak in thousands of voices to local government (they need out votes!)

There is masses of parking in front of the Town Hall

Time you need to see it and absorb it

You will need at least 2 hrs to look at everything and longer if you are going to listen & watch the many mixed media installations [@ thoughtful pace]

30 Mins at quick, look @ pace
It’s open till end? of May & its free so can go back ad nausium

There is food & drink on the first floor if your sugar levels drop and you get dehydrated!
(Next to the winning entries room & live performances?)

Open Hours

From ? till 6pm – 7 days a week?

Live work, Sundays at 10? & 3pm

[I Googled for times as I couldn't find it on their web site!! Grrrrrr ffs Eish @!*
No wonder most don’t know about the exhibition!!
‘They’ I know must still be reeling from the work involved with putting the show on – but must jack up the info that us, the little people need, to get inside to admire what they have done!

May be, if they had invited all those who entered the competition, to the opening they would have, just by word of mouth, got the information ‘out there’ – THE No 1 advertising method – creates buzz and becomes viral on the internet
All of this irritation – just because of the simple thing of not finding the DAYS & TIMES THEY ARE OPEN!
(Now need to chat with my shrink to see why it makes me so pissed off!)
Wasting my time, for starters….

Apologies to the artists whose work I have photographed with out your permission & have used to lure people to the exhibition – I was in photography mode & not able to write down all the names of the images I took – I will return in writing mode & update with your name & work title – you could leave your details as a comment and even write about what you were thinking when you created the work!

If you hold the curser over an image, most have a subjective note that appears on your screen – which you might want to avoid!


Spier Contemporary 2010 Internet sites

LINK – Website
LINK – twitter
LINK – facebook
LINK – youtube
LINK – Blog – Comments not activated! Therefore no debate








Photography by Odette Herbert


LINK - DESIGN INDABA 2013 – Cape Town.

facebook : Design Indaba 2013 : Odette Herbert Walkabout [prepping more fotos : so pls stay calm!]

.olowsdotter : facebook

.olowsdotter : contact


71SN_DSC_1398hoh 71SN_DSC_2342hoh 71SN_DSC_2333hoh 71SN_DSC_2334hoh 71SN_DSC_2329hoh 71SN_DSC_1253hoh

Photography by Odette Herbert

LINK - DESIGN INDABA 2013 – Cape Town.

facebook – for more images of the Design Indaba Walkabout

Photography by Odette Herbert

LINK - DESIGN INDABA 2013 – Cape Town.

facebook – for more images of the Design Indaba Walkabout

DI13 floor plan01

WALK ABOUT what’s going on : ‘LIVE’ pics @ 2013 DESIGN INDABA FROM Wednesday – throughout the event on my facebook page :


Design Indaba 2013 EVENT DETAILS

Friday, 1 March, 2013 – 10:00 to 20:00
Saturday, 2 March, 2013 – 10:00 to 20:00
Sunday, 3 March, 2013 – 10:00 to 18:00

@ Cape Town International Convention Centre
South Africa›Cape Town

Tickets available at the door or from Computicket
Adults: R70
Pensioners and students: R50 (at the door only)
Ages 10-18: R40 (at the door only)
Under 10s: Free

.Olowsdotter ware : Fashion Show – 14:OO @ arena Friday


entrance/exit/sections/arena/ floor plan : for fashionistas et al.

Design Indaba Conference 2013

The best of global creativity, share their experience, on one stage. Wednesday 27 February to Friday 1 March 2013. 

Design Indaba Expo 2013

The best of South African creativity, all in one place. Friday 1 March to Sunday 3 March 2013.

Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC)

DESIGN INDABA 2013 [dot]O aka Olowsdotter clothing pri show peek!
Photography by Odette Herbert
Social Media Networking//Marketing – Odette Herbert
DO_DSC_0890 DO_DSC_0898  DO_DSC_0993 DO_DSC_0981 DO_DSC_0964 DO_DSC_0946a DO_DSC_0941 DO_DSC_1004 DO_DSC_1008 DO_DSC_1017b

Olowsdotter facebook
Olowsdotter website

Your brain will pay attention to what you are thinking and saying to yourself and others and make sure that’s what you get!

Rather than focusing on how terrible things are try focusing on what is wonderful in your life! What you are greatful for.

What have we got to be grateful about?

Our health, family, friends, partners, pets, animals, our job, employer, food on the table, roof over our heads, running water, chocolate cake, great teachers, blue sky, the sun, rain, thungderstorms, forrests, art, music, litrature, food, singing, the wind etc

Rather than being concerned about poverty and the financial uncertainty which the media are having a humungous field day with….

We need to be concerned about abundance for all!

If we focus on poverty we give it more ‘power’ ‘energy’ ‘force’[?]

We might then get fearful and slip and slide all the way into a jolly depressing powerless place which also adds to all the others who are thinking similarly to you which then becomes the general trend and guess what? it happens – its called a self fullfilling prophesy

Top Photo by © Miguel Ángel HorcajadaLINK – to their stunning work

So what can we do?

What we need to do is focus on how we want things to BE – according to the ‘law of attraction’ & deal with NOW – not worry about what has been or what might happen

FEEL the feelings of how you want things to be.

Not on how you are being told things ARE or how things MIGHT be

Yes? Are you with me?

For example – instead of being ANTI WAR – which keeps one focused on war, violence, destruction etc

Rather we must focus on PEACE – fulfilment – tranquillity – well being – our community – fun – laughter – caring – all the goooooooood stuff we love and want around us and in our communities

After all this is what makes us feel gooood and safe and secure and happy – all we can really be ‘in control of’ and influence – our immediate community

We must not focus on the things we do not want

We must not focus on the things we do NOT want







It took me a while to get that one!

So what are some of the gooood powerful words we can start to use and focus on no matter how under whelmed we feel?!

Abundance …. Vitality … Relaxed Enthusiastic … Caring … Joyful … Loving … Patient … Considerate … Listening … Sharing … Generous Prosperous … Invincible … Keep on till it’s sorted … Finding Solutions … Seek the positive aspect in all challenging situations … being energised … See The Bright Side Of Life … Laughing … Smiling!

A friend told me they saw a graffito that said

Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty!

Anthony Robbins [The power with in] encourages us to turn the volume of harsh angry destructive words down and turn up the intensity of the good things or ordinary things!

Lets say you’re fuuuuuuuming and steam is coming out of yr ears…..

“I’m feeling a tad irritated” ! [& and a smile would be excellent too!]

Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between you smiling or laughing and faking a laugh or smile?!

So if laughter makes you feel good then if yr feeling seriously miffed, a tad concerned about the sate of affairs

Try laughing or even just hold a smile – fake it

Smile at everyone – and see what happens!

The muscles that we use to smile tells the brain that we are happy and it releases the appropriate feel good chemicals – endorphins i think they are called

The power of smiling

We are wired up to feel good when we see one and when we use one!

[even if yr feeling a smidging under the weather]

Smile Smile Smile

Try it!

I found out that there are laughing clubs!

Hooo hoooo hooo haaaa haaaa haaa hooo hooo hooo haaa haaa haaa

See if there is one near you or start yr own!

I’m going to get the neighbours in for a good laugh and maybe a tipple too!

Here’s a brilliant site that tells you where to find one and if there isn’t one near you how to start yr own and how to do it!

How generous is that?!

heee heee

LINK – to laughter groups in your area!

Sources & Enourmous Thanks to:
Daiskau Ikeda
SGI Buddhism
Dale Carnegie [1888 - 1955]
Anthony Robbins – Feel good expert
Gregg Braden – Scientist

It describes what it really took to get the enormously controversial, Cape Town Stadium built, now poised for the 2010 World Cup, that begins in 12 days time


Cover Photograph by Soren W ©

The cool simplicity of the stadium’s form belies the fiery trail
it followed into existence. This book describes the process of
its formation by those who have been intimately involved
and brings together the often contradictory views
The stadium belongs to the people of Cape Town – its making
is legendary, its impact still to be felt. It is too early to talk
about the legacy it will leave behind: it has to be lived in and
with and alongside.

If you click on the images they open up very much larger

Some of those in the book who tell it like it was are:
Dr Henri Comrie, Thomas Moschner, Sigi Naidoo, Roman Hollenstein, Rober Hormes, Richard Smit, Richard Mathieson, Richard Goldschmidt, Ray Gamble, Ray Gamble, Purshoth Chetty, Prof. Fabio Todeschini, Prof. David dewar, Pieter Cronje, Piet Louw, Morne du Plessis, Mike Marsden, Martin Kruger, Mark Behrmann, Marion Sabol, Louis Karol, Leon F Krige, Khalied Jacobs, Ken Webster, Johan Van Papendorp, Jeremy Rose, Ian Sutherland, Henning Rasmuss, Henning Rasmuss, Hein Stander, Gerrit Bastiaanse, Gabs Pather, Dr Roman Hollenstein, Dr Laurine Plntzky, Dennis Foster, Darrtk Pryce-Lewis, Dan Plato, Colin Sindle, Christian Schlogl, Cathrine Slessor, Catherine Slessor, Carolyn Helefenstein, Brian Richardson, Brian Homann, Bev Mitchell, Andrew Fanton, Andre Lambrechts, Amalie Comrie, Allan Twine + the list of all the workers force’s names

Roll Credits………

Point Architects Group with out whom this book would not have happened (They footed the bills)
They are:
Comrie Wilkinson (Cape) Architects & Urban Designers
Jakupa Architects & Urban Designers
Munnik Visser Architects
Paragon Architects

The book is packed with stunning sketches, drawings, photographs & diagrams

Photography by:
Odette Herbert
Terry February
Leon Krige
Esthe Pretorius
Henning Rasmuss
Bruce Sutherland

Design & layout: Erika Koutny
The book layout & design is seriously sophisticated & beautiful – a work of art
Very much an extension of the Stadium in question – not surprising really considering who the editors are! [All intimately involved with the stadium architecture and urban design]

Editorial Team: Bettina Andrag
Henri Comrie, Khalied Jacobs, Gabs Pather, Henning Rasmuss, Ken Webster

It’s bloody marvellous what was accomplished!
And in such a short time & especially given what the book reveals, from the key people involved & the obstacles that had to be resolved behind the scenes
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!
Ever so well done bokkies
[Dudes - Afrikaans, colloquial South African]

You Can order the book!

Title: Cape Town Stadium – Between The Lines
ISBN: 978-1-920-424-09-1
Published by Griffel Media, Cape Town
Contact them to order
+ 27 (0)21 465 0025
Cost: R228



LINK - To The Cape Town 2010 World Cup Stadium, dedicated site – featuring Odette Herbert’s photography of over 200 images, taken over 2.5 years

LINKLINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup Stadium Info – Transport maps, Fan Fest & things


Failure is an instrumental part of every success. Whether our life has been a triumph or tragedy can only be judged at its very end.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
LINK – Daily Quotes

LINK – Success

Photo by Ann J P
click on image to see her magnificent work


Look to this day
For it is life, the very life of life.
In its brief course
Lie all the verities and realities
Of your existence
The bliss of growth
The glory of action
The splendour of beauty
For yesterday is but a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision
But today, well lived, makes every yesterday
A dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.
Look well, therefore to this day
Such is the salutation to the dawn.

Kālidāsa [600 - 1200 AD ]
[Sanskrit poet and dramatist]

LINK – more about Kālidāsa

LINK – Dale Carnegie [1888 - 1955]

LINK – How to Stop Worrying and Start Living 1948 [!] [excellent & funny & charming - an other amazing person - Dale Carnegie]

LINK – Photo Webcam – Cape Town dawn – South Afreeka – November 5ish

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Odette Herbert
If you click on the images they show up larger

LINK - Photos – CTN Designer Glitterati Strut Their Stuff @Design Indaba 2011.

LINK - Photos – CTN 2011 Design Indaba It’s A South African Love-Inn Design Delights Eye Feast.

LINK - Design Indaba 2011 – Cape Town.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Photography by Odette Herbert
If you click on the images they show up larger

LINK - Photos – Cape Town CTICC Design Indaba VIP Treatment For Trumpet Blowers – Media Girls & Boys.

LINK - Photos – Cape Town Designer Glitterati Strutting Their Stuff @Design Indaba.

LINK - Design Indaba 2011 – Cape Town.




The real struggle of the 21st century will not be between civilizations, nor between religions. It will be between violence and non violence. It will be between barbarity and civilization in the truest sense of the word.”
Daisaku Ikeda

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda


Photo: Table Mountain, Cape Town South Africa – Milnerton Beach, as far as the eye can see – plastic bottles, from who knows where

LINK -Daily Quotes

LINK – Non-violence

I am a kind word uttered and repeated
By the voice of Nature;
I am a star fallen from the
Blue tent upon the green carpet.
I am the daughter of the elements
With whom Winter conceived;
To whom Spring gave birth; I was
Reared in the lap of Summer and I
Slept in the bed of Autumn.

At dawn I unite with the breeze
To announce the coming of light;
At eventide I join the birds
In bidding the light farewell.

The plains are decorated with
My beautiful colors and the air
Is scented with my fragrance.

As I embrace Slumber the eyes of
Night watch over me and as I
Awaken I stare at the sun, which is
The only eye of the day.

I drink dew for wine and hearken to
The voices of the birds and dance
To the rhythmic swaying of the grass.

I am the lover’s gift; I am the wedding wreath;
I am the memory of a moment of happiness;
I am the last gift of the living to the dead;
I am a part of joy and a part of sorrow.

But I look up high to see only the light,
And never look down to see my shadow.
This is wisdom which people must learn.

Khalil Gibran


Photography by Odette Herbert
Click on image to see more

[Source: Poetseers]



It is the function of evil to divide, to alienate people from each other and divide one country from another. The universe, this world and our own lives, are the stage for a ceaseless struggle between hatred and compassion, the destructive and constructive aspects of life. In the end, the evil over which we must triumph is the impulse toward hatred and destruction that resides in us all.
Daisaku Ikeda

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
LINK – Daily Quotes

…factors that can create a “perfect storm” which leads good people to engage in evil actions. This transformation of human character is what I call the “Lucifer Effect”, named after God’s favorite angel, Lucifer, who fell from grace and ultimately became Satan….Although it is often hard to read about evil up close and personal, we must understand its causes in order to contain and transform it through wise decisions and innovative communal actions. Indeed, in my view, there is no more urgent task that faces us today.
Dr Philip Zimbardo – Stanford University – Psychology


LINK – Download podcast [mp3] or see or listen to Zimbardo’s facinating, enlightening lecture on The Lucifer Effect given at the TED conference

Many thanks to JAX 60, for your beautiful photograph
LINK – original photo [& find out more about this 50m high sculpture - Angel of the North?]

● A few of the things mentioned in Zimbardo’s talk on, The Lucifer Effect that were eye openers for me
- Power lies in the system, that corrupts people.
- The Lucifer Effect – It’s about the crimes against humanity – Its about power, the key is power – perpetrating of evil acts against humanity/people.
- Anonymity – uniforms make one anonymous  - make many capable of terrible things [behind closed doors - domestic violence]
If someone else  takes responsibility for our actions we can seriously harm or even kill others if told to do so – eg the electric shock experiment and the fake jail experiment – fascinating stuff
- Evil – that people can BECOME, not ARE.
- and what we can do to change it – education of children [& adults] in taking responsibility/deciding to be a hero in waiting

LINK – Zimbardo’s web site on The Lucifer Effect


LINK – To join Zimbardo’s HERO PROJECT – Exploring And Encouraging Our Inner Heroes – to create an international organization to promote heroism as an antidote to evil and as a celebration of what is best in human nature.

LINK – Every day heroes site – Who will be the heroes of the 21st Century? What is heroism in the digital age? These are a few of the questions this site seeks to understand and explore.

LINK – 10 questions answered by Zimbardo re The Lucifer Effect

devilmaskb ……philipzimbardolucifereffect
Image left
Original courtesy of Malachi Lopez

Image right
Phil Zimbardo
Photo courtesy Skeptic

LINKEVIL google search – result – about 223,000,000 [223 million] in (0.19 seconds)!!

LINKGOOD Google search – result – about 2,210,000,000 [two thousand two hundred and ten million] in (0.15 seconds) – pheeeyou!

Google YES – Results of about 857,000,000 for YES [definition]. (0.05 seconds)
[857 thousand million]


Google NO – Results of about 7,510,000,000 for NO (0.06 seconds)
[7 trillion 510 thousand million] interesting!





The place where you are now is vital. Never avoid what you must face. Challenge your circumstances and steadily persevere. The path toward victory opens from where you stand.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
LINK – Daily Quotes

Photo by Ann J P
click on image to see her work

Photo by homardpayette [Flickr]

It’s poetry in motion – Brilliant image Homard Payette!



The institutions of human society treat us as parts of a machine. They assign us ranks and place considerable pressure upon us to fulfill defined roles. We need something to help us restore our lost and distorted humanity. Each of us has feelings that have been suppressed and have built up inside. There is a voiceless cry resting in the depths of our souls, waiting for expression. Art gives the soul’s feelings voice and form.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher, Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Daily Quotes by Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Quotes on creativity by Daisaku Ikeda

Image: A John Bauer ceramic creation prior to firing
Photography – Odette Herbert. Cape Town

Grant Twiggy Baker

“The heart is what is important.” There is nothing more vulnerable, nothing more corruptible than the human mind; nor is there anything as powerful, steadfast and ennobling.

Daisaku Ikeda

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Daily Quotes

LINK – Life Potential

Photograph by Van Gysen of Grant Twiggy Baker. Cape Town

From a healed, peaceful heart, humility is born; from humility, a willingness to listen to others is born; from a willingness to listen to others, mutual understanding is born and from mutual understanding, a peaceful society will be born. Nonviolence is the highest form of humility; it is supreme courage.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
LINK – Daily Quotes
[If you are using INTERNET EXPLORER 6, for some inexplicable reason - identified by the wiz kids at WordpPress support – there is an image in the blank space to the right of the text – pls click on the title of this post if you wish to see it]

Warning! This cake is not good for your health.
One bite & you can’t stop eating it!

Patrick’s Chocolate Buttermilk Cake De Lux (the Devil’s Cake!)

Read on – for Recipe & Conversion Calculator >> Continue reading ‘●Chocolate Cake – A Very Very Evil Recipe’

A brilliant site for anyone who wants to know about human anatomy
And what all the bits and pieces are called.
What a fantastic tool for medical students and the curious – Winkingskull – a non profit organisation I was told

●Click on image to see it really v big

interested in looking at stunning, state-of-the-art illustrations of human anatomy, www.winkingskull.com is the interactive study aid that is for you!

WinkingSkull.com is designed to let you study anatomy and test yourself on must-know concepts. You can gauge your proficiency against a handy timer and see your test results instantly.

LINK – to Winkingskull – see how you’re neck & back muscles mesh together

LINK – If you’re in pain – The Alexander Technique [AT] sorted out mine – learning how to use my body correctly – letting go of tension in my neck and shoulders


UPDATE: 10th July ’08
Winkingskull have changed their set up
to see the diagrams you need the following:

1. You have to register with Winkingskull

2. There is a link to download software from Microsoft to view the diagrams

I have been and still am struggling to get to see the diagrams with no success so far! I found out today that the reason is I use the browser Opera which it wont recognise
I’m using windows 2000, which is not compatible with the Microsoft software!

How about that!
Microsoft is forcing everyone to upgrade their operating system
more sales = more profit for share holders.
Bloody marvellous!

I have just downloaded the browser FIREFOX and am hoping that I can access the software through it.


update: firefox and windows 2000 does NOT work! boo hoo [13.7.08]
Good news is that for anyone else with a later operating system, it will work!

I’m not prepared to go through the pain of reinstalling windows and all that goes with it – having to reinstall all my software and drivers and router/internet connection etc etc – aaaaaaaaaaagh
I’ll stick to what I’ve got till i can’t use software i need to use, for now – but it’s inevitable – it will have to be done – it’s a whole day at Cidac, my fabulous computer people and weeks of tweaking!
I have used the later operating system and it’s rubbish!

LINK – to Winkingskull – see how you’re neck & back muscles mesh together


Living on earth may be expensive but it does include an annual free trip around the sun

Ashley Brilliant
The creator of Brilliant Thoughts In 17 Words Or Less [Pot Shots]

Photo found by Don Eastwest [Flikr] Source NASA
spacelab/station @ 400klm (250 miles) up

[ = Cape Town - Beaufort West/George] ±3.5hrs @ 120k phr [legal limit!]
[ = London - Newcastle]
[ = New YOrk - Watertown]
[ = Calcutta - Orissa]
[ = Beijing - Yinchuan half way between the 2]

LINK – gizmo for distances between  cities

[This is [was] my first post!]

Originally posted on Leaves of language:

Al Gore is a busy man and my request for an interview during his visit to Johannesburg is declined. But I and 900 people worried about climate change still get to listen to him for an entire day in a cavernous hall at the Sandton Convention Centre – it’s like sitting through his 2006 film An Inconvenient Truth, and then have him explain it all to you again in detail, just in case you missed something.

Gore is the former US vice-president turned warrior for a habitable planet. His roving Climate Reality Project is here in Johannesburg to train lots of people to become effective advocates for stopping climate change, and the variety of people attending is remarkable: school children and professionals, small business owners and idealists mingle with NGO workers, government officials and Bantu Holomisa (MP, and leader of the small Eastern Cape-based United Democratic Movement).

View original 889 more words


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