I don’t know about you but I have picked up so much amazing information from others & their efforts, that I want to pass it on, so others can benefit from it too

I thought I’d use a blogg to do this – especially LINKS to great sites – hopefully contributing to others, whom are navigating their way, on the wild roller coaster business – of life!

I’m a great believer in collaboration & if any information that has benefited me may also be of value to others, I pass it on. And best of all with like minded people – mutual collaboration I know creates magic – out of which great things happen – benefiting us in our work and private spheres – unless this happens how can I be happy & feel fulfilled?

Everything on this blog needs to be researched to check for it’s accuracy!Never accept anything you read to be THE truth – unless you trust the source

BIZLINKS is AD free!If you see any ads popping up – it has nothing to do with methe people who host this blog are the lords of this domain.Feed back would be appreciated in this regardWHERE TO START? I recomend that you start at the top of the blog page and scroll yr way down to the bottom so you can see what interests you or visuals that delight the eye.

LINK – This takes you to the top of BIZLINKS blog page – just scroll down as you go back in time!


You can look to see what grabs yr attention in the column on the right – which shows lots of the LINKS to many of the entries I’ve made & to wonderful websites, tools like, dictionaries & calculators & more & other peoples comments & information

I really hope that you find something that you can enjoy!

● LINK : a l t e r e d s c a p e s : Some of my PPDEP work – scroll & click

[Post Production Digitally Enhanced Photography] [cough!]

LINK : i n s t a l l a t i o n s : my other work

LINK : Hail to South African A r t i s t s : an ongoing project

LINK : Cape Town World Cup Stadium : Build project – Jan.’09 – June 2010

● If you find I have used something you have created in my blog and not credited you – I beg your forgiveness!

I am a stickler at crediting my sources and who the author is – especially with photographs.

If you would like me to remove your work or change the name &/or the LINK’s URL [Uniform Resource Locator] please contact me and I will rectify it immediately

● I would like to thank all the people who have made this blog and it’s content possible – including the IT fraternity who invented and created both the software and hardware that makes blogging possible.

I’m indebted to you all xxx

Cape Town : South Afrika – 18th September 2008

Intellectual property copy right

If you wish to copy anything from BIZLINKS – please link it back to it’s post to make sure that the people who’s material it is are acknowledged for it and they are linked back to their sites. Oh Kay!

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Using WordPress.com as their platform [‘They’ say it’s ‘powerd by’ WP]

Designed to look very chic if your browser is OPERA and your font is Tahoma!

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● Navigating Your Way Around This Blog – What The Bleep Does It All Mean?! ●

Any RED type you see is a LINK to an other site – CLICK on it to go there!

Category Cloud [top right] – shows all the subject categories that the posts [entries] I’ve made are sorted into. If you click on one of them, all those that have a similar theme, will be presented to you, to scroll through the titles and the first few lines of text…

[…] means there is more – to see the whole entry you need to click on the title

● If any of the LINKS don’t work PLEASE, pretty please, :-), copy and paste it into the comment window @ the end of this page. xxx


THE F I N E THE S M A L L print! – when you leave a comment

AGREEMENT: By submitting a comment, you grant Odette Herbert, permission to quote or republish this comment without restriction, notification or compensation. Also, you acknowledge that you alone are fully responsible for (and bear full legal liability for) the content of this comment – including inaccuracies or potentially libellous statements. You certify that in this comment you have disclosed no prop- rietary or confidential information. This agreement applies even if you choose to post anonymously or supply false or incomplete identification.

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Bizlinks does not fact-check, spell-check or otherwise verify or correct comments.

Credit: Amy Gahran The fine & small print wording – Many thanx


9 Responses to “ABOUT BIZLINKS”

  1. You seem more concerned about Environment and rights developing countries than just plain business. It is something that came along writing, or is your project about a network of environment sustainable businesses and businesses that want to have positive social impact?

  2. 2 hoh

    You’re right Demi v!
    It’s a dilemma, as what I set out wanting to do and what the blog has turned into isn’t bizlinks – although there are 6 posts on business related things and one that has a plethora of brilliant links posted way back in march!
    I’ve recently had business cards printed with all my blogs urls on them!
    And I have no idea what the implications/ramifications are in changing the name blog-costruction-side or even if i can change the name – i don’t think i can i’d have to create an other one with the new name? It will take way to long to copy and paste all the entries. Can’t think about it now – have over used my brain to day!
    If you have time your input would be most welcome!

  3. 3 bubbleonfire

    Nice blog! I added you on my blogroll

  4. 4 mlp

    You CAN change your blog title with no problem–what people see when they land on your blog. I don’t believe you can change the url, though.

  5. 5 hoh

    thanx mlp for your input
    am not that keen right now to change it as i had a whole lot of business cards printed with Bizlinks on them!
    when i go for the next run – i might have a name by then
    any suggestions what to call it?
    all the best to you

  6. Thanks for all your kind words going to have a look around 🙂
    See you’re in CPT 🙂

  7. 7 ClapSo

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your comment. I really needed that kind of kindness today. It’s my b’day, and I’m feeling most unhappy with the way my country has been going!

    I like what you are doing here. Don’t worry about where this process of writing this blog goes, (biz or not biz) just go with it. The good results you have in your posts speak for themselves.

    I’ve added you to my blogroll…

    The scientifically impossible I do right away
    The spiritually miraculous takes a bit longer


    hoh says:
    have left a little song on yr blog – 1& a bit actually

    de lighted to be put on yr blog roll
    this is a compliment indeed as i think your blog is brilliant!
    not a run of the mill blog
    will return to parooze later when time allows
    thanx too for your kind critique of this blog

  8. 8 Heather

    Hi Hoh! Thanks for getting in touch and providing us with feedback. I just want to clarify to say that I’m not a developer for WordPress | Automattic, but rather something like a communications guru. “Deputy” seemed most fitting to describe all of the tasks that my role encompasses, so that’s what I am, officially: The Deputy.

    Again, thanks and cheers. Keep on blogging 🙂

  9. 9 krrisshhnnaa

    hiiii… thx for ur commentz.. well well well, i must say that u really talk LOTSSSSSS… hihihi… 😛
    yeah, iv followed ur instructions n disabled the pop-up option… in fact im vry new to blogs etc… i just love putting down my philosophy n ideology on paper, n nt of showing off or wotver! n ya, my articles hv been originally written by meeeeeeeeeeeeeee… 🙂 … unless iv indicated that it hs been adapted frm smwer!!!!
    well, of course u cn put my profile link to ur profile… im just too new on these fings, i hope u’ll help me out abt technical stuffs…. ^_^
    tk kr…

    hope to hear frm ya sooooooooon


    bizlinks says:

    yr very welcome to edit my comment!
    it didn’t feel like loooooootssssss!
    when i leave a comment i like to talk to you, not just leave 3 words!
    [like yr blog]
    i’m really impressed with your content – yr a deep thinker
    R u a vet?
    i read one of yr posts that said you were or did i get it wrong?

    i’ve added your blog’s url above as you haven’t activated it by finding the page where you enter it in a little window
    not quite sure where it is – if you want people to go to yr blog from here, they can do so if you’ve entered yr blog url – it will show up in your name i think or under yr avitar [the square image]

    go to yr dashboard and spend an hr at least clicking on each tab to familiarise yrself to where everything is! [click setting i seem to recall! the blind leading the blind hay]
    i still don’t know where most of the settings are to be found!
    What i started to do was create a bookmark folder for WP and save the pages that i need to use often – comments for one! [they show up on the stats page – i wonder if you have found that? – dashboard i’m sure a link is there – bookmark it if yr into seeing yr stats!]

    the forum is bursting with bloggers that want to help you to resolve any technical issues you might have
    start with key words to the problem in the search thing
    you might find someone else also had the same one

    most of the time if i don’t find the answer in 2 minutes i post my question –
    the die hards get pissed off but some of them put the url on the post for you to go to – don’t get upset by some of their mannors!
    often they haven’t bothered to really read yr entry
    – some and you get to know who they are after a few months – i’ve discovered use the forum as a way of getting people to visit their blog

    most of the time their answers go flying right over my head – the jargon is the thing – the really helpful folks are the newbies as they haven’t got hold of the jargon yet!
    darn i have gone on loooootsss here – but you did ask for help!

    i want to put some of yr post ie on employment ie skinny people getting a longer lunch hr [brilliant!] and linking it to yr blog the post or yr profile/home page which ever you prefere! pls give yaye or naye!

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