Challenged by Biko: Geoff Budlender Reflects 01/3


2015-09-20 20.47.05

How to disrupt white power & white privilege & white arrogance?
This is our task as white people. It doesn’t mean being apologetic about being white. We are who we are. Facing who we are and facing it with humility forcing ourselves and other people to recognise the REALITY of the conditions in which we live, that we don’t live in a rainbow nation, the nation that was envisaged in the constitution, its a long way away from that.. most white people think the change has happened, in 1994. Black people are still waiting for change to happen… we don’t live in a rainbow nation. How do we disrupt this notion that most white people have? … [paraphrasing Budlender’s conclusion]

16th September 2015

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