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“…a city has to take the long view, the view for the common good.” Amanda Burden What is it that attracts people into a once rundown, derelict urban area? What will make businesses once again invest there? TED talk by Amanda Burden [18 mins] Amanda Burden – The creator of the High Line walk way […]

How to: Be Green, Live Green, Buy Green, Think Green: help is at hand – this will save you loads of time when you want green answers or are trying to find anything green – get with the green program – get into the green zone! GREENMAVEN – The green search engine

a 12thousand year old iceberg’s ice makes the purest water. the ‘purity’ metre shows 0.1 a glass of tap water shows + – 400 [newfoundland?] i wonder what our tap water would show? heard this on the thirsty traveller [satellite tv] didn’t catch the brand name but vodka is make with it i wonder how […]