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8/10 talk. If you’re depressed about the state of the world .. here’s a glimmer of light! “Transformation and peaceful rebellion for change” is being demanded world wide but we are voting strategically from “fear, of what we don’t want and NOT for what we DO want” – Dr Jill Stein. #feesmustfall #studentdebtmustfall #rhodesmustfalleverywhere . […]

Too many refugees denied their rights, despite recent gains – UNHCR’s 76-member Executive Committee @ AGM – Switzerland UNHCR – – The United Nations H? C? Refugee Agency [amazing their website doesn’t say what HC stands for! grrrrrrr High Commissioner? what is a high commisioner? is there a mid & low one too?] LINK – […]

May 28, 2008 …I can’t get the stench of urine out of my nostrils. It’s the smell of fear, anger and humiliation. I smelt it last night, when I spoke to the refugees outside Caledon Square police station. I saw it running thick in the gutters a couple of feet away from where people were […]