The world map shows who and how many Votes have been cast so far – Europe 8,000 – N. America 4000! When will the US wake up!
Considering the US is the No. 1 emitter per capita, of green house gases its not surprising that it reflects in their complacency to Vote! Come on US citizens give big business and power stake holders the finger! Click the vote button – And demand to be the green/climate change world leader! History is not going to look kindly on the US – Shame on your administration! Shame!
(I hasten to add that some of my bestist friends are Americans! 🙂 Am grateful for so many things that Americans have created & exposed & shared)


UPDATE Votes so far – 7.12.09 – 10 days to go



LINK – “The climate change bottom line”
by David Le Page– Climate Change Activist. (Journalist/Writer/Editor) Also,
“Southern Africa in for 10°C temperature rise”

LINK – “What you always wanted to know about nitrous oxide”
by David Le Page
“Select your greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide – CO2, methane – CH4, nitrous oxide – N2O) and watch the graphs climb. We’re perhaps used to seeing graphs for carbon dioxide, so for the sake of a little variety in your gloomy global warming news, here’s a graph for increases in nitrous oxide.”
Also article on “Shell and BP still funding climate change denial”

LINKfacebook – Earth Hour

LINKtwitter – Earth Hour


job description = rope access technicianRope Assess Technician Isula
the rope guys - the paint teama bunch of ropies - they got swagga

Cape Town - south west view - across the harbour to the stadium
PhotographyOdette Herbert


LINKCape Town 2010 stadium– Viva! The Rope Guys, (aka Rope Access Engineers) – finishing touches to the masterpiece [15 Feb. 2010]

For more images of the stadium
LINKCape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– Hail! To the builders, designers & artisans

LINKCape Town stadium – March 2008 – What it will look like + LINKS

LINKCape Town City Council – Stadium owners/gate keepers – excellent

LINKWikipedia – Cape Town Stadium

LINKFacebook – THE Greenpoint Stadium/ 2010 Awareness

LINKMurry & Roberts – construction company

LINKtwitter – FIFA World Cup 2010

As usual its up to the people to demand action! Take a look at the 350 campaign’s amazing photos from groups events showing their solidarity on the 350 [carbon level] environmental action day – 24th October – to wake up those dozy world leaders, meeting shortly in Copenhagen [Denmark] to discuss the climate crisis. (181 countries, 5200 events)

LINK – fabulous photos from all over the world showing the “call for strong action and bold leadership on the climate crisis.”

Denmark – What are the people like?
Brilliant – that’s what!
I recall my late mother telling me that during the second World War, the Nazis, ordered that all Jews wear a yellow star of David to identify them. The King, Christian X [10], asked all Danes to ware one – which they did – moving stuff!

Photo – courtesy
What you are looking at is the top of a 300m? drop at the top of Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Shapiro, says it’s taken 10 years for the show to see the light of day. Thanks to the internet – being censorship/speech free – we can now watch it [Censorship rules in China no thanks to google & mircrosoft agreeing to comply to their rules] Source: BBC World News
LINK – Launch Video – I’ve Got News –


LINK – ZA NEWS what the puppets look like – magnificent!

LINK – facebook – Zapiro

LINK – facebook – Z NEWS, powered by Zapiro

LINK – Google search results – Zapiro + ZA News



The institutions of human society treat us as parts of a machine. They assign us ranks and place considerable pressure upon us to fulfill defined roles. We need something to help us restore our lost and distorted humanity. Each of us has feelings that have been suppressed and have built up inside. There is a voiceless cry resting in the depths of our souls, waiting for expression. Art gives the soul’s feelings voice and form.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher, Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Daily Quotes by Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Quotes on creativity by Daisaku Ikeda

Image: A John Bauer ceramic creation prior to firing
Photography – Odette Herbert. Cape Town

Grant Twiggy Baker

“The heart is what is important.” There is nothing more vulnerable, nothing more corruptible than the human mind; nor is there anything as powerful, steadfast and ennobling.

Daisaku Ikeda

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda

LINK – Daily Quotes

LINK – Life Potential

Photograph by Van Gysen of Grant Twiggy Baker. Cape Town


200 years later – human trafficking still continues – children and countless young girls are forced into sex work. Why? Because it’s a multi billion money maker for the traffickers.

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
LINKLiverpool’s apology for its role in the Transatlantic Slave Trade – Podcast: The age of slave apologies
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
“….12 million people were forcibly transported over the ocean in four hundred years. It is to our great shame that if today’s statistics are correct, 700, 000 people are now being trafficked across borders into slavery annually….”
Ndioro Ndiaye – Dep.Dirtr Gen. Intrnat.Org of Migration

Slavery was officially abolished by law, through out the British Empire, 1st August 1834. It was not brought about through civil unrest, as in the States and other countries.
The principle protagonists were: Thomas Clarkson, Henry Brougham, William Wilberforce, Thomas Fowell Buxton, Elizabeth Heyrick, Mary Lloyd, Jane Smeal, Elizabeth Pease, Anne Knight, Helini Hermanda and Prime Minister Pitt.

The slave trade carried on for an other 200 years.


…contemporary forms of slavery – such as human trafficking, forced prostitution, child soldiers, forced and bonded labour and the use of children in the international drug trade – are still flourishing today, largely as a result of vulnerability exacerbated by poverty, discrimination and social exclusion….

·It is estimated that 300,000 children are currently being exploited as child soldiers in as many as 30 areas of conflict around the world. Many of the kidnapped girls who are made into child soldiers are also forced into sexual slavery.

·The International Organization for Migration estimates that annually 700,000 women, girls, men and boys are being trafficked across borders away from their homes and families and into slavery.

·The International Labour Organization reports that there are 191 million economically active children between 5 and 14 years of age. Nearly 40 per cent of these – 74 million children – engage in ‘hazardous work’.

·An estimated 5.7 million children are victims of forced and bonded labour, also known as debt bondage, and 1.2 million children are victims of child trafficking.

·Linked to trafficking is the commercial sexual exploitation of children of whom 1 million, mainly girls, are forced into prostitution every year. These girls are sold for sex or used in child pornography in both the developed and the developing world.

Who are the consumers of the sex trade?
What are men doing to stop it?
It is men who are the consumers of the sex trade – when will MEN stand up and do what ever needs to be done to address this atrocity that is being perpetrated by our brothers on children and young girls?


Let’s talk about it – let everyone know what is going on.

Unless we know about it, how can we stop it?

LINKS – International Slavery Museum [Liverpool UK]

LINKS – Wikipedia – Slavery

LINK – The Anti Slavery Org. – Breaking The Silence

LINK – Because I’m A Girl – 68,000 teenage girls die from unsafe abortions every year

LINK – Slavery.This topic shouldn’t exist – many many links on the subject especially contemporary slavery

Photos by Fay Venegas [Barbados] Click on them to see them larger.

The UN Assembly designated 25 March as the International Day for the Commemoration of the Anniversary of the Abolition of the Transatlantic Slave Trade



The City will receive 30% of earnings before tax (inclusive of municipal rates) from the stadium on a fixed percentage basis, which will be to its benefit when the stadium is successful.

Cape Town is gaining a world-class, purpose-built stadium in arguably the most beautiful setting in the world.

“It is getting a team with an international and local track record of experience and success to maximise the value, revenue and viability/sustainability of its stadium,” Mike Marsden, Executive Director of Service Delivery Integration.

As part of the contract, the City will pay the consortium to manage the stadium from January 2009 up to and during the 2010 FIFA World Cup™

After this, the top tier of seating will be removed, reducing the stadium to 55 000 seats to make way for commercial and facility space. The stadium will be then used for various sporting events, music concerts and other major events.

The approval for the lease of the stadium will be considered by Council on 3 December 2008.

By Martin Pollack – 2008/11/27

Interiors & construction photos – Click on image to see them

LINK CLOSE UP LOOK at the stadium – 1 stop site – dedicated to the Cape Town stadium – featuring Odette Herbert’s photographs
[Feb 2010]

LINKLINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup Sadium Info – Transport maps, Fan Fest, Seating Plan & things


1. Courage is not the absence of fear – it’s inspiring others to move beyond it

2. Lead from the front – but don’t leave your base behind

3. Lead from the back – and let others believe they are in front

4. Know your enemy – and learn about their favourite sport

5. Keep your friends close – and your rivals even closer

6. Appearances matter – and remember to smile

7. Nothing is black or white
8. Quitting is leading too

Photo by Esquared Fashion

Source: Time – 21st July ‘08

Photo LINK

What an exquisite photograph of him!
It looks like it was taken at his 90th birthday bash @ Wembley England?
[Clue – the shirt!] Am waiting to hear from the link i took this from, where and when it was taken

4664 – it’s in our hands


46664 is an African response to the global HIV AIDS epidemic – fund raising/shop/T shirts/events/etc

Photos from 46664 web site – click on them and you will be taken there

46664 was Mandela’s prisoner number


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