“South African civic organisations are demanding an inquiry….”

●UNHCR ‘failed’ S Africa migrantsby Martin Plaut

South African civic organisations are demanding an inquiry into the United Nations refugee agency’s response to May’s xenophobic violence.

The UNHCR has not fulfilled its mandate to refugees and displaced people under international law – Lawyer Fatima Hassan
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(Story by Martin Plaut – from BBC NEWS – Published: 2008/10/13 13:34:50 GMT)


● Eight foreigners killed, claims volunteer

By Craig McKune

Eight of the people from the Soetwater camp alone had been murdered since returning to communities, Saunders said.She said the work the facilitators were doing needed to be made visible to refugees in the camps who feared for their lives.
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(This article was originally published on page 3 of The Cape Times October 13 ‘ 08
Published on the Web by IOL on ’08-10-13 05:35:00)
LINKExcellent blog for up to date news on xenophobia situ in SA & else where

Sherwood Forlee

New age thinker  – brilliant problem solver & excellent photographer says,

Stealing your co-worker’s lunch is a downright contemptible act…. if you’ve ever had your lunch stolen, you know the frustration and anger it causes. You know the revenge and ill-will it inspires. And you know that no matter how well you try to hide your lunch bag at the back of the refrigerator, something’s gonna be missing when you open it. Well, lament no more…

The Anti-Theft Lunch Bag
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Such ingenuity!
If you need help get in touch with fellow sufferer @
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LINK – For more infomation

“If you’re interested in getting your hands dirty with these bags,
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photos by Sherwood


Too many refugees denied their rights, despite recent gains – UNHCR’s 76-member Executive Committee @ AGM – Switzerland

UNHCR – – The United Nations H? C? Refugee Agency [amazing their website doesn’t say what HC stands for! grrrrrrr High Commissioner? what is a high commisioner? is there a mid & low one too?]

LINK – UNHCR – Refugee Agency

LINK -UNHCR’s track record – [Helped “50 million people restart their lives” in 50 yrs]

UN official Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Erika Feller described the past year as “not the worst but certainly not the best of times” in terms of the international community’s performance on refugee protection issues, in an address yesterday to the annual meeting of UNHCR’s 76-member Executive Committee in Geneva.

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Attacks on Somalis spread, fuelled by rumours of rapes.
ANOTHER attack on Somali- owned shops on Tuesday night led to the ransacking of one shop and the evacuation of more than 20 others in KwaNobuhle outside Uitenhage.The latest looting and riots were apparently triggered by the alleged rape of two young girls, aged nine and 13, by a Somali, 30, in KwaNobuhle on September 29, although it was only reported on Monday.Word about the alleged rape spread rapidly through the community. The unrest may also have spilled over from a violent outbreak in Jeffreys Bay on Monday night.Police spokesman Marianette Olivier said the two girls had been admitted to the Provincial Hospital on Monday, and the accused Somali had been arrested.Abdi Habarwa, spokesman for the Eastern Cape division of the Somali Association of South Africa, claimed the attacks on Somalis stemmed from xenophobia.

“We are very frightened. We don‘t feel safe here any more. The xenophobia started as a small thing in Jeffreys Bay, but now it is in Uitenhage and it‘s spreading,” said Habarwa.

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LINK – To article on Protest march in Queenstown by residents – walking side by side with Somalis yesterday to protesting against ongoing attacks against nationals from the east African state. A Somali mother, Sahra Omar Farah, 41 and her three children, Mohamed Isse Osman, 19 and Ibrahim Isse Osman, 14 and Asha Isse Osman, 12, were brutally stabbed and hacked to death in their spaza shop two weeks ago.

“QUEENSTOWN PROTEST: Community members gather for the anti-xenophobia march yesterday, joined by Somalians who shared the pain of the family of the murdered mother and her three children.”



Latest info on refugee camps status by Tracey Saunders
Re: Extension Of Closure Deadlines & DHA Rapid Status Determination Process.

Deadlines Loom For Displaced People In The Western Cape As Camps Face Closure – 8 October 2008

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It’s ever so tough being an animal on planet earth – bloggers speak up for them
If you want to get involved and find out all about it – here’s a excellent site to go to


It’s jam-packed with info and what and how to[s]

To celebrate animal life in all its forms

To celebrate humankind’s relationship with the animal kingdom

To acknowledge the diverse roles that animals play in our lives – from being our companions, supporting and helping us, to bringing a sense of wonder into our lives

To acknowledge and be thankful for the way in which animals enrich our lives

Top photo by ThroughMyEyeLINK

Is it ALL non human animals I wonder?

Bacteria, viruses, amoebas, periwinkles etc?
Need to include all living critters in my book
food chain and all

LINK – Distance healing event for all animals – Saturday 4 October

2 300 displaced people by the May xenophobic attacks remained in three consolidated camps – Provincial government – gave the refugees the option of reintegrating or going back to their home countries – will close all the camps by end of September.

Refugees to receive money for rent – By Francis Hweshe

Refugees in camps who opted for reintegration are set to receive R750 to pay for one month’s rental accommodation from the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).

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Bloody Marvellous! Read the response to UNHCR attack – endorsed by Mike Louw, Cosatu, ALP, TAC, UCT, MSF, PSAM, HST, ARASA, OUT, RHRU, SWEAT, CSPRI, ALN, SCAT, Sonke Gender Justice plus comments at the end of it


Hi All
The press statement released on Friday 19 September by the UNHCR was an unfounded attack on the role of civil society during the xenophobia crisis. Therefore, it has been necessary to respond to the UNHCR with the release of this joint press statement endorsed by several organisations. Civil society has been unified in condemning the UNHCR statement.
Please read the attached press statement and the attached document which is a list of expenditure during the xenophobia campaign. Although donations were made to TAC, and TAC played a central role in the distribution of humanitarian aid, many other organisations and individuals making up civil society have played a major role throughout.
Scott Dunlop
TAC Communications
021 422 1490
084 719 8258

LINK – To view the expenditure of the xenophobic violence, click here [pdf file]

LINK – UNHCR [the UN Refugee Agency]
“The Office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) protects and supports refugees and assists in their return or resettlement.” [UNHCR]

LINK – The article quoting the UNHCR press statement

LINK – TAC refugee status report [pdf file]

LINK – TAC website – you can register & follow the xenophobia links on the left to find out all about the campaign.

LINK – TAC [Treatment Action Campaign]



Tuesday 23 September 2008

On Friday 19 September 2008 the UNHCR office in South Africa released a press statement criticizing the “negative role civil society has played” in the xenophobia crisis since May 2008. The UNHCR press statement was in response to a joint civil society report which, amongst other areas of attention, detailed the failure of the UNHCR to act according to its’ mandate during the crisis.

At the beginning of the crisis civil society recognized the importance of utilizing the expertise and practical support of the UNHCR as the internationally experienced and mandated body in dealing with issues of displacement. With this in mind, many attempts were made to invite the UNHCR to meetings, address concerns to them via correspondence and work together with them.

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Life is the blossoming of flowers in the spring, the ripening of fruit in autumn, the rhythm of the earth and of nature. Life is the cry of cicadas signaling the end of summer, migratory birds winging south in a transparent autumn sky, fish frolicking in a stream. Life is the joy beautiful music instills in us, the thrilling sight of a mountain peak reddened by the rising sun, the myriad combinations and permutations of visible and invisible phenomena. Life is all things.

Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda

Photo: by Rana Pipiens with a facinating account about the Lotus flower

LINK – Daily Quotes

The Spring equinox?

In astronomy…. An equinox is the moment in time (not a whole day) when the centre of the Sun can be observed to be directly above the Earth’s equator, occurring around March 20 and September 22 each year.
LINK – for more info on an equinox – Wikipedia

Photo: by © Bahman Farzad The most exquisite collection of lotus images I have ever seen – absolutely uba!

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