Here’s a  taste of his comedic skill, when he & Adrian Edmondson break character on stage.
[Rick Mayall is in the white shirt & jeans – 2012 South Hampton South West England]
Thoughts go out to his family & friends…

7 March 1958 – 9 June 2014 (aged 56)
Bio –  Wikipedia


“The world needs all kinds of minds” – Temple Grandin Phd., innovator, designer, activist, author, autistic.

Solving the problems of our planet and our communities, needs teams of people from a wide spectrum of cultures, women and men, all ages, races and of different economic standing.  We need to pool our different experiences and ways of seeing the world, to innovate and come up with sustainable solutions, so we can all prosper… here enter the geeks, visual thinkers, word thinkers, pattern thinkers and those that think & see differently – Many of whom are autistic.

Temple Grandin : TED Talk : Filmed February 2010 at TED [19 mins]

An amazing woman, with high-functioning autism, who says she lacked social skills and only thinks in images.

This made her into an exceptional problem solver in the field of animal treatment.

“I think using animals for food is an ethical thing to do but we’ve got to do it right. We’ve got to give those animals a decent life and we’ve got to give them a painless death. We owe the animal respect.” – Temple Grandin

Her story is so remarkable that a film was made about her life and struggles.

So many autistic people have been helped by her being able to explain to parents and care takers what it is like to be autistic. This was unknown as autism was thought to be just those that are completely withdrawn and unable to communicate.

Grandin asks “…does a nerd turn into asperger, which is just mild autism? I mean, Einstein and Mozart and Tesla would all be probably diagnosed as on the autistic spectrum today.”

Here is a trailer of the movie about her life and a glimpse into what being autistic is like. She was on the set while making it and she suspects many there are autistic too!

Grandin Phd., “diagnosed with autism as a child, talks about how her mind works — sharing her ability to “think in pictures,” which helps her solve problems that neurotypical brains might miss. She makes the case that the world needs people on the autism spectrum:
visual thinkers, pattern thinkers, verbal thinkers and all kinds of smart geeky kids.

Through groundbreaking research and the lens of her own autism, Temple Grandin brings startling insight into two worlds.

An expert on animal behaviour, Grandin has designed humane handling systems for half the cattle-processing facilities in the US and consults with the meat industry to develop animal welfare guidelines.
PETA wrote, when awarding her a 2004 Proggy:
“Dr. Grandin’s improvements to animal-handling systems found in slaughterhouses have decreased the amount of fear and pain that animals experience in their final hours, and she is widely considered the world’s leading expert on the welfare of cattle and pigs.” In 2010, Time Magazine listed her as one of its most Important People of the Year.

Grandin’s books about her interior life as an autistic person have increased the world’s understanding of the condition with personal immediacy — and with import, as rates of autism diagnosis rise. She is revered by animal rights groups and members of autistic community, perhaps because in both regards she is a voice for those who are sometimes challenged to make themselves heard.” – TED

TED talk Video


TED [Technology, Entertainment, Design]

Temple Grandin website

Livestock Behaviour, Design of Facilities and Humane Slaughter

Temple Grandin wikipedia

Temple Grandin film wikipedia

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If you don’t want to watch the video – you can read the transcript below – unfortunately the slides she uses are not included.


“I think I’ll start out and just talk a little bit about what exactly autism is. Autism is a very big continuum that goes from very severe — the child remains non-verbal — all the way up to brilliant scientists and engineers. And I actually feel at home here, because there’s a lot of autism genetics here. You wouldn’t have any… (Applause)

It’s a continuum of traits. When does a nerd turn into Asperger, which is just mild autism? I mean, Einstein and Mozart and Tesla would all be probably diagnosed as autistic spectrum today. And one of the things that is really going to concern me is getting Continue reading ‘Might You Be Autistic? Many Creatives Seem To Be…They Are The Super Bright People!’

Tremendous talk by philosopher Stephen Cave
The 4 stories we tell ourselves about death [13mins]
[TEDxBratislava – Filmed Jul 2013]

& if you don’t want to watch you can read his talk…

“I have a question: Who here remembers when they first realized they were going to die?

I do. I was a young boy, and my grandfather had just died, and I remember a few days later lying in bed at night trying to make sense of what had happened. What did it mean that he was dead? Where had he gone? It was like a hole in reality had opened up and swallowed him. But then the really shocking question occurred to me: If he could die, could it happen to me too? Could that hole in reality open up and swallow me? Would it open up beneath my bed and swallow me as I slept? Well, at some point, all children become aware of death. It can happen in different ways, of course, and usually comes in Continue reading ‘TED Talk on DEATH! One thing we all share in common’

Southern Guild –  a “forum for South African designers to challenge and support each other, unified by national origin but with diverse views and voices… the collection now has a reputation for innovation, excellence and a truly fresh perspective.” GUILD


“In fact, dancing to our own design tune, really valuing and exercising our uniqueness, has become our prime directive. It’s where our future lies. Through collaboration, cooperation, alliance and refining our unique perspective, we can build and mature this arena in relevant and fascinating ways.” – Southern Guild

“Craft is very old in Africa but design is very young. Part of the global appeal of contemporary South African design is that it’s unfettered, imaginative & energetic.” Trevyn McGowan*


 “All products are made by skilled hands in limited runs, and sometimes only one of an item will ever be made. In the case of the very best work by our leading designers, this may raise the work to collectible or limited edition status” – Southern Guild

“On an annual basis, we invite a selection of the very best local designers, artists, architects and upcoming talents to produce and premier original pieces for the Southern Guild Collection” – Southern Guild

* Trevyn McGowan & Trevor McGowan are the founders of Southern Guild  – 2008

Photography by Odette Herbert

Images of artifacts to follow…

 – — –dna  – –  – —  – – – – – — – – – – – – — — – rossana orlandi —– – – —  – – – sashas

Southern Guild
World Design Capital – Cape Town 

“…a city has to take the long view, the view for the common good.” Amanda Burden

What is it that attracts people into a once rundown, derelict urban area? What will make businesses once again invest there?

TED talk by Amanda Burden [18 mins]

Amanda Burden – The creator of the High Line walk way [an abandoned overhead rail way line] says it’s a continuous struggle between the developers and green spaces, people’s parks/ leisure areas. We must not assume that once fought for and established it will remain so.
She has always believed and has shown, that if you design a space that is people centric first, then investors and developers will follow.


TED2014 · Filmed Mar 2014

What about Cape Town’s 30? year unfinished fly over, that just hangs there?
Lets transform it into something fun.. it has spectacular views of the city and Table Mountain!

flyover unfinished cpt
[image courtesy google]


Design Network Africa [DNA] is a dynamic programme led by the Danish Centre for Culture and Development (CKU), funded by the Danish Government and orchestrated by Source. DNA connects highly respected designers from sub-Saharan Africa who represent the vibrancy and distinctive expression of a new African identity. In a true interchange of skills, aesthetics and narratives, the programme is designed to encourage collaboration, mentorship and experimentation. Designers are selected for their authentic and diverse voices, sophisticated and original products and unique global appeal…” GUILD

Hamed Ouattara – Hamed Design – Burkina Faso  _20140227_231833bhohr_2014-02-28 06.20.38aahohr

‘My goal is to provide a key point in a continent which suffers from imports and all kinds of imitation furniture, especially of poor quality and which does not reflect our culture.’ Ouattara

Cheik Diallo – Diallo Design – Mali


“I was not interested in just producing another chair – I wanted to look at another way of sitting. I decided to focus my design on artisanal methods.
With the artisanal one can preserve the culture of Africa and its savoir faire and then elevate it and make it contemporary through design.” Cheick Diallo

 “I don’t have an interest in design if it is only to remake that which already exists.” Cheick Diallo

Andile Dyalvane – Imiso Ceramics – Cape Town

Clay, Dyalvane says, gives him “the ability to create something beautiful,  valuable and usable, incorporating the four elements of  life – earth, water, air and fire.”

Imiso Ceramics, The Old Biscuit Mill, Albert Road, Unit A102, Woodstock
Phone : +27(0)21 447 2627
Email :
Website :


_20140308_194058chohr . _20140227_232718ahohr . _2014-02-28 06.23.49hohr .


Photography by Odette Herbert


Other DNA members at GUILD






Centre for Culture and Development (CKU)

World Design Capital – Cape Town 2014
 handel : @WDC2014



“Founded in June 2009, Coletivo Amor de Madre is a Brazilian/ Colombian gallery focused on the development, production and presentation of disruptive design and art. Led by Ivan Hurtado Arango, plastic artist and architect, and Olivia Yassudo Faria, artist and publicist, the gallery is dedicated to developing unique work by contemporary artists from Latin America and other regions. Coletivo Amor de Madre focuses on dynamic, conceptual work that pushes boundaries through the use of recycled materials, subverting traditional wood production, technological exploration led by social inspiration and incorporating craft and handmade techniques. Exhibiting both the most acknowledged designers and emerging talents from the continent, GUILD provides an opportunity to focus on work from Brazil.” Guild

The idea of Coletivo Amor De Madre, [‘mother’s love collective’] speaks to our understanding of how passionately our designers love their work, how they literally give birth to it – and we want it to be received with the same love. As a collective, we also encourage creative exchange.”
Olivia Yassuda Faria


Photography by Odette Herbert


Coletivo Amor De Madre Gallery :
Rua Estados Unidos, 2174, 01427-002 São Paulo, Brazil

web site :
facebook :
twitter :
instagram :


And if you’re going to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil – you HAVE to pop in to the gallery – they will be thrilled to see you!

Fifa World Cup 2014 – Sao Paulo fixtures and info

Here’s some info on Sao Paulo & a 4 min Video.
Sao Paulo is gigantic compared to Cape Town!
The city scapes made me laugh, as I saw how tiny Cape Town is but my goodness we are bursting in creativity, art and design!

Altitude : 760 m (2,493.4 ft)
Population 11,316,149 eleven million! (2011)
Time zone BRT (UTC−3)
• Summer (DST) BRST (UTC−2)
Postal Code (CEP) 01000-000
Area code(s) (+55) 11



3D320140227_213846aahohrMICHAELLA JANSE VAN VUUREN
Phd. – Electrical engineering – South African

“..van Vuuren’s work is about experimentation and evolution, about art and science and new materials and processes. She looks at technology as a creative tool and has turned to new methods of manufacturing and design that have pushed the boundaries beyond what could ever be achieved by conventional processes.
Digital design and additive manufacturing have become her tools and it is the perfect medium to explore her artistic and technical interests.
By means of 3D printing she has been able to give substance to her imagination, with no limit to realising even the most elaborate image.” GUILD

“… or Additive manufacturing is a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape from a digital model.
3D printing is achieved using an additive process, where successive layers of material are laid down in different shapes.
3D printing is also considered distinct from traditional machining techniques, which mostly rely on the removal of material by methods such as cutting or drilling (subtractive processes).” Wikipedia

_DSC_8858ahohrTrevyn McGowan, conducting a tour through the collections at the Guild Design Fair. The audience stood spell bound at what she had to say on the significance and profound effect 3D printing will have in the future in Africa and the world
[McGowan, bespoke instigator of the Design Fair – the first in Africa, with her partner Julian McGowan]

Trevyn McGowan - Southern Guild [DSC_8860ahohr]


Photography by Odette Herbert

A new paradigm – in the way we make things

Watch Michaella Janse van Vuuren talking about 3D printing & fashion
facebook : agentsofthe3drevolution
twitter : 3dagents : @3dagents

Enthusiastic Van Vuuren’s wish, was to inspire
“…creatives with the possibilities of 3d printing and to exposing programmers, engineers and 3D designers to the groundbreaking work being showcased at Guild. We would like to create a dialogue between 3D print manufacturers, designers and the many visitors to the show.”


Sand Beast 3D model shown on BBC IQ program by Stephen Fry


“More than just a fair for beautiful objects, guild represents the coming together of dedicated, focused curators, designers and institutions who are striving to preserve and provoke exceptional, ground breaking design. Guild will introduce highly respected design authorities and works from Africa, USA, South America, Britain and Europe and present these unique viewpoints to a fresh audience.” GUILD

GUILD Design Fair – Cape Town 2014
Twitter :  @GUILDdesignfair

Southern Guild

World Design Capital 2014‎


Guild is partnered by : ArcelorMittal South Africa
Guild is sponsored by : ABSA

hoh1_20140306_175048_bDESIGNERS / ARTISTS
: Xandre Kriel : Willowlamp : Tonic design : Silvio Rech & Lesley Carstens : Sibusiso Mthembu : Ronel Jordaan : Porky Hefer : Pieter Mathews : Piers Mansfield-scaddan :Pierre Cronje : Philippe Bousquet : Paco : Okha : Nkhensani Nkosi : Nic Bladen : Mock Mock : Michele Mathison : Michaella Janse Van Vuuren : Michael MacGarry : Lyall Sprong : Laurie Wiid Van Heerden : Koop : John Vogel : Joe Paine : James Mudge : Imiso : House On Fire : Heath Nash : Haldane Martin : Guy Du Toit : Gregor Jenkin : Goet : Givan Lötz : Enrico Daffonchio : Enock gwenya : Egg : Dylan Lewis : Dokter & Misses : David Manando : David Krynauw : Daniella Mooney : Conrad Hicks : Conrad Botes : Christina : Ceramic Matters : Casamento : Bryer : Bronze Age : Bronwyn Lace : Brett Murray : Astrid Dahl : Ardmore : Angus Taylor : Anatomy Design : Adam Birch :

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28.2.14 – 9.3.14


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