TAKE Action for the survival of sharks, tuna, whales & many other threatened and endangered species..[not to mention what’s happening to coral reefs [food/protection for the bottom of the food chain ocean living things] and as for plankton, the absolute start of the food chain – teetering at deaths door…cose of rising temperatures of oceans/seas – don’t get depressed!]….by signing the petition you are doing something about it!
Please go to the Green Peace website to sign the petition

[Just found out about Ocean Day on twitter – very useful for info by ‘following’ the groups that yr interested in – new info pops up on yr twitter page]

LINKHELP make a difference

Get hold of your MP’s/councillors/municipality/marine departments etc – give them hell/what for/hard time/hard talk! [in the nicest assertive way] if enough of us are being heard then action will be taken! We need to be creative in spreading the word of what we CAN do as apposed to what we mustn’t do – heard someone say this the other day.

When we know what the problem is we can take action to correct it  collectively – big numers work every time – this is what true democracy is about!

CNN Larry King to day [Monday 8.6.09 rerun] interviewed some of the brave green peace people who are risking their lives by putting themselves between the whaling ship and the endangered whales they are trying to harpoon – this is an illegal act as they are protected because they are endangered. The whales takes at least twenty minutes to die from the harpoon which also has an explosive in it – it eventually drowns – shame full – and we are expected to believe that it is for scientific research hah! Its all to do with money. They advertise and encourage the Japanese populous to eat whale [see green peace ocean page] good idea to contact Japanese embassies to complain metion the Tokyo two also!
Try to see CNN LARRY KING to day its 15 mins into the program – terrible footage I had to switch off – I couldn’t watch the footate of the whales being killed

LINKTake action things –  some things you can do to make a difference takeactionjoinship

LINK – join our ship

LINK – Japanese government’s attempts to cover up an embezzlement scandal within the whaling industry.


If the Japanese government is going to arrest people for the crime of opposing whaling, they are going to need a lot of handcuffs. Are you a suspect?

Help us defend the Tokyo Two, and oppose whaling. Greenpeace accepts no money from governments or corporations. We rely on you. [Green Peace]

other LINKS

Taking the whaling debate to the Japanese people



BBC News is following a container around world for a year to tell stories of globalisation and the world economy – track the BBC Box on a live updating map as it travels the globe.

The Box is heading to Japan via the Cape of Good Hope and Singapore with a cargo of monosodium glutamate.
In normal circumstances the location of the Box should be shown on the map, as transmitted from a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit attached to it.
Track the route of the Box
Click on map to see it BIG

ID numbers/markings on BBC NEWS container/box at departure was:
NYKU 8210 506 4[?]2GI – [no idea if they changed on rout]
It is 12m long [40 foot/feet]
This might help you find out if it is in port and find where it’s docked – as the BBC haven’t given the name of the ship it’s currently on.
It’s virtually impossible to get any where close to the ship to look for the container let alone to photograph it!
There are new international anti t e r r o r i s t rules which prohibits any/all photos being taken with in any harbour/port! This could explain why there are so few photos of the red box on the BBC NEWS web site

The Red Box’s GPS location on 28th March @22:28 – Green dots show the GPS readings with the time and contents in pop up box, when you hover over them – exciting stuff!


LINK – Send BBC NEWS your pictures

What’s in the red box?
Monosodium glutamate and car parts

Globalisation explained, with key facts and figures

See the Box get a double-quick paint job

How containers transformed world

The bizarre uses for containers

UP DATE 30th March @ 7.30ish Local Time

STOP PRESS! BIG Whoops – Green dots misleading!
Rats! The BOX has sailed right past Cape Town!
The GPS dots on the map really looked like they were B lining into port!



If his holiness’s visa is refused, then I won’t take part in the coming 2010 World Cup-related peace conference. I will condemn government’s behaviour as disgraceful, in line with our country’s abysmal record at the United Nations Security Council, a total betrayal of our struggle history
Archbishop Desmond Tutu

Read more – IOL Sunday Tribune

So much for freedom of speech and association in South Africa
SA sucks up to China by refusing a visa to the Dalai Lama – who was going to take part in peace conference in JHB this Friday.

Shame on South Africa

The Mayor of  Cape Town was criticized for voicing her comments on corruption in the country – being told it will scare investors off

Not giving the Dalai Lama a visa is really going to spell it out to investors and the tourists – init
Spineless wimps – what happened to freedom of speech and association for all?

Who will be next?

UPDATE – 1st APRIL [this might be an april fools thing?]

Buthelezi’s Dalai Lama application set for Thursday
CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Mar 31 2009 17:18

An urgent application by Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) leader Mangosuthu Buthelezi to force the government to grant a visa to the Dalai Lama will take place in the Western Cape Division of the High Court on Thursday afternoon, Buthelezi’s advisor said on Tuesday.


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13 January 09
Happy marvellous brilliant abundant joyful pivotal new year to you!

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Abdi Sirej from Ethiopia was murdered in Masiphumelele on Friday the 7th November. After the initial xenophobic attacks in May he sought refuge at Soetwater.

After overtures from the community he returned to Masiphumelele. He appeared in a documentary ” Baraka”. The words he spoke during his interview “No answer, no guarantee” have turned out to be chillingly prophetic.
The interview can be seen at:

by Tracey Saunders

Mobile:084 561 9131
Fax: 086 611-7167

LINKThe Genocide List



My sense of gloom about the states’ administration & modis operandi has lifted – Obama is going to need all the help he can get
I just watched Obama’s first speech – to listen to someone who talks so fluidly and who speaks like a normal person is bloody marvellous! At last a person who seemingly listens to others and uses the technology of the day and gets the ideology of the politically powerful

LINK – Acceptance Speech

Now, what did he do to raise all that loot over the internet? – must go to his site to take a look – the way to success is to copy those that are already successful.  [Anthony Robbins] – Image by Ron English

[If you are using INTERNET EXPLORER 6, for some inexplicable reason – which hasn’t been identified yet by the wiz kids at WordpPress support – there is an image in the blank space – pls click on it or on the title of this post to see the brilliant drawing of Obama]

The first thing Obama needs to do is change the horrendous 2 yr lead up to electing a president that those of us who don’t live in the states are subjected too!

Electioneering has to be a multi billion dollar industry!
The fickle world of politics…..

Well done campaign chief – a brilliant production & it wouldn’t have been possible with out the internet!
Viva! the internet viva!
Obama it is said has a 7 to 8 million mailing list – nice
obamawebsite1 obamadonate
the obama blog – not powered by wordpress!

LINK – Obama website


LATEST information on the South African xenophobia refugee status of affairs – articles and URLs to articles on the ongoing dreadful saga.

I am entering them as I receive them [via email] I wish there was a website I could give you where you can find all the following info if I find one i will post it here as many of the entries do not have links. All articles like this will be entered at the bottom of the URL links so you can read them some of the documents are PDF files so unfortunately I am unable to copy and paste them here.

● Many thanks to Tracy Saunders for keeping us updated
If you wish to contact her peace4africa [at] g mail [dot] com
Mobile: +27 084 561 9131
Fax: 0 8 6 6 1 1 -7 1 6 7

At pains to leave SA Mail & Guardian Online [4.5.09]

South Africa countering xenophobia with help of UN refugee agency [4.5.09]

Xenophobia: the bill By Anel Powell – 27th Nov 08 The City of Cape Town spent at least R108-million on relief to victims of xenophobia, but so far has only been reimbursed R17-million by the provincial and national governments. City chief financial officer Mike Richardson said the R91-million shortfall, which had to be siphoned from various council departments, would affect their budgets. Housing mayoral committee member Dan Plato said the money used for xenophobia relief measures were needed for other projects…….

● [Scroll down on next page to see all entries – there are lots unfortunately] Continue reading ‘●South Africa: Xenophobia refugee related information – URLs [if available]’

From a healed, peaceful heart, humility is born; from humility, a willingness to listen to others is born; from a willingness to listen to others, mutual understanding is born and from mutual understanding, a peaceful society will be born. Nonviolence is the highest form of humility; it is supreme courage.

● Quote by Buddhist Philosopher Daisaku Ikeda
LINK – Daily Quotes
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UN Body To Probe [their] Staff In Sout Africa
The Geneva head office of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has launched an inquiry into complaints made against its local staff.

A three-member panel will fly to South Africa to conduct the inquiry, the UNHCR’s Antonio Guterres said yesterday.

In the wake of the xenophobic attacks this year, civil society organisations, including the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), the Aids Law Project and displaced people’s representatives, last month demanded the UNHCR set up a commission of inquiry.

They alleged that “the UNHCR observed horrific conditions in the camps over several months without appropriate intervention”.

They say that the UNHCR failed to advise the government that some sites in Gauteng were unsuitable for setting up camps.

“One site, Wadeville, had to be closed due to poor planning, and another, Vickers Road, was never utilised because it was unsuitable and unsafe,” says  TAC .

They also allege that the UNHCR “supported camp closure, with no reintegration plan”.

The UNHCR’s Olivier Beer said: “It is good and we will be able also to respond to the allegations. ”
by Anna Majavu – 15 October 2008 THE sowetan

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