Absolutely NO comment. Photography by Odette Herbert Photos taken 30mins apart Well, just one comment I popped into my local store to pay a bill. Did a quick run round, chatted with my favorite staff. Had a giggle and a laugh together. Realised again how hard they work. On their feet for 8 hrs, serving […]

“…a city has to take the long view, the view for the common good.” Amanda Burden What is it that attracts people into a once rundown, derelict urban area? What will make businesses once again invest there? TED talk by Amanda Burden [18 mins] Amanda Burden – The creator of the High Line walk way […]

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The continuing loss of between 50% and 90% of hive colonies seems a terrifying scenario to me – if fruit and vegetables flowers are not pollinated then they don’t make their fruit and seeds. I’m wondering why there isn’t more noise being made about this. At a push we can live without cars but not […]