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Zapiro says his cartoons of Jacob Zuma are all based on quotes that are ” out- landish, chauvinistic and ignorant things about aids, women and the rule of law……” uttered by Zuma. [/source] Even though this particular cartoon is so shocking to look at – whether we agree with it or not – is the […]

Click on image to go to source & see Zapiro’s other brilliant cartoons – the man is a true genius – THE doyenn of political satire Zapiro – More @ Mail & Guardian Online [] I’m sooooo shocked that the ANC hadn’t the decency – no matter what shenanigans are going on behind the scenes […]

[This could be a load of old cods wollop – have no idea if it’s a joke or what but here it is any way – received via email] ● ● ● ● ● ● The setting took the form of an informal dinner at Terry’s home. There were around 35 guests representing a wide […]