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boo whoooooo – they’ve switched it off! could have been contributing to the green house effect – processing power required 13 January 09 Happy marvellous brilliant abundant joyful pivotal new year to you! Just discovered that the snow angle direction is determined by your mouse’s position on the page!

pic by Matt – [ wordpress – the big cheese ] his office and cat You lucky bastard! I can hardly type my fingers are so cold! [Cape Town South Africa – A cold front from the Arctic or is it Antarctic?] Displaced people from the xenophobia violence are still in tents. . 2 C […]

The age old issue, freedom of expression and speech, raises it’s ugly head again! I have just read WordPress’ announcement re Brazil and the possibility of them being shut down. Here is a link to a site which says it legally jumps in to protect online freedom of speech, among other things Electronic Frontier Foundation […]