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It’s ever so tough being an animal on planet earth – bloggers speak up for them If you want to get involved and find out all about it – here’s a excellent site to go to It’s jam-packed with info and what and how to[s] MISSION STATEMENT – WORLD ANIMAL DAY To celebrate animal […]

This is one exhausted kitten Photo: Courtesy Teckline – A v good blog for teaching those of us on WordPress who might be a tad challenged at this thing called blogging! photo: thanks whom ever you are photo: thanks to you too whom ever you are Newly born Chinese panda – can not find web […]

. . thought of the photographers and the hardships they had to go through to get these images – arctic cold – and how little they get paid for them! not to mention what the animals are having to deal with day to day – relentless habitat encroachment | plastic bags | poisoning land […]