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UCT‬ ‪#‎decolonisation‬ has began 23.4.15 (128mins) discussion. ‎ Here are key words I picked up. ‪#‎rhodesmustfall‬ ‪#‎fase2‬ ‪#‎transformation‬ #change ‪#‎intersectionality‬‬ ‪#‎gender‬ #sexuality #misogynist ‪#‎history‬ ‪#‎ours‬ ‪#interests #humanity ‪#‎needs‬ ‪#‎truth #21years ‪#‎kenya‬ ‪#‎ghana‬ #neoliberal #business ‪#‎white supremacy‬ ‬‪#‎enslavement‬ ‪#whiteness #‎narrative‬ ‪#‎deconstruction‬ ‪#‎reconstruction‬ ‪#‎academia‬ ‪#‎knowledge‬ ‪#‎power‬ ‪#‎safespaces‬ ‪#‎epistemology‬ ‪‪#‎hegemony #‎critical history‬‬ ‪#‎patriarchy‬ #university of capetown #ubuntu #decolonisation […]

Outstanding coverage of the reasons behind the violence in May 2008 [South Africa] Refugees: City goes to court ‘I tried to hang myself twice’ The case of De Doorns is indeed the early warning of recurring xenophobia in South Africa and should serve as a wake-up call. One-stop 72-hour process to […]

Abdi Sirej from Ethiopia was murdered in Masiphumelele on Friday the 7th November. After the initial xenophobic attacks in May he sought refuge at Soetwater. After overtures from the community he returned to Masiphumelele. He appeared in a documentary ” Baraka”. The words he spoke during his interview “No answer, no guarantee” have turned […]

LATEST information on the South African xenophobia refugee status of affairs – articles and URLs to articles on the ongoing dreadful saga. I am entering them as I receive them [via email] I wish there was a website I could give you where you can find all the following info if I find one i […]

UN Body To Probe [their] Staff In Sout Africa The Geneva head office of the United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) has launched an inquiry into complaints made against its local staff. A three-member panel will fly to South Africa to conduct the inquiry, the UNHCR’s Antonio Guterres said yesterday. In the wake of […]

“South African civic organisations are demanding an inquiry….” ●UNHCR ‘failed’ S Africa migrantsby Martin Plaut South African civic organisations are demanding an inquiry into the United Nations refugee agency’s response to May’s xenophobic violence. The UNHCR has not fulfilled its mandate to refugees and displaced people under international law – Lawyer Fatima Hassan LINK – […]

Attacks on Somalis spread, fuelled by rumours of rapes. ANOTHER attack on Somali- owned shops on Tuesday night led to the ransacking of one shop and the evacuation of more than 20 others in KwaNobuhle outside Uitenhage.The latest looting and riots were apparently triggered by the alleged rape of two young girls, aged nine and […]

LINK – To article on Protest march in Queenstown by residents – walking side by side with Somalis yesterday to protesting against ongoing attacks against nationals from the east African state. A Somali mother, Sahra Omar Farah, 41 and her three children, Mohamed Isse Osman, 19 and Ibrahim Isse Osman, 14 and Asha Isse Osman, […]

2 300 displaced people by the May xenophobic attacks remained in three consolidated camps – Provincial government – gave the refugees the option of reintegrating or going back to their home countries – will close all the camps by end of September. Refugees to receive money for rent – By Francis Hweshe Refugees in camps […]