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London, Chelsea Flower Show, silver winner – Designer Jane Button [BBC – Magazine] Now this is the kind of office I’m going to have! [And a gardener to look after it]

Ever wondered what your cat is up to when out of the house? Well, now you can see exactly what the little darling is doing. There’s a genius, Juergen Perthold, who some years ago built a gizmo that he attached to his cats collar. The Cat Trip 1 It looks like he’s also developing a […]

Latitude 34. 1946409580577 degrees South – Longitude 18. 22 degrees East Image – know where it is taken from? [CLUE: Spheniscus Demersus pied-à-terre]

Living on earth may be expensive but it does include an annual free trip around the sun Ashley Brilliant The creator of Brilliant Thoughts In 17 Words Or Less [Pot Shots] Photo found by Don Eastwest [Flikr] Source NASA spacelab/station @ 400klm (250 miles) up [ = Cape Town – Beaufort West/George] ±3.5hrs @ 120k […]