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Splendid Georgian warehouse. Stairs to the African Arts Institute office. The spare part for the antique lift, R50? thousand! Keeps everyone fit! Photography by Odette Herbert Big long spaces with exhibition lighting. And unfamiliar holes in the ceiling Heavy duty metal fire? doors & barred tiny windows, run along the adjacent building, that long ago […]

An astonishing, massive hanging floor – a complete revamp of what was the Craft Market at the V&A Waterfront. Renamed the Watershed. The designers of the space, Cape Town based, Wolff Architects. The client, the V&A Waterfront. Those that are constructing it, WHBO. It is not quite ready yet, scheduled to open in October. The […]

“…a city has to take the long view, the view for the common good.” Amanda Burden What is it that attracts people into a once rundown, derelict urban area? What will make businesses once again invest there? TED talk by Amanda Burden [18 mins] Amanda Burden – The creator of the High Line walk way […]

It describes what it really took to get the enormously controversial, Cape Town Stadium built, now poised for the 2010 World Cup, that begins in 12 days time “BUILDING THE CAPE TOWN STADIUM CAME WITH SHOVELS OF GOOD INTENTIONS , A BIG TICKING CLOCK , BACK-ROOM LOBBYING , PUBLIC ARM WRESTLING , HEAVY NEGOTIATION & […]

_______________________________________________________________________ Photography by Odette Herbert Click on image to see MORE! ________________________________________________________________________ .

.. ________________________________________________________________________ .. .. Photography by Odette Herbert . ________________________________________________________________________ If you click on the image it will open larger I could tell my brain struggled to take in what it was seeing – Something that is larger than the Cape Town Stadium, floating in the harbour – that turned round & sailed off into […]

________________________________________________________________________ . ________________________________________________________________________ . LINK – More images of the stadium at night LINK – LINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup stadium Photos & Info .. ..

________________________________________________________________________ . … … . Photography by Odette Herbert . STADIUM SEATING HOW TO GET TO YOUR SEAT ON THE DAY Click HERE to see the plan ________________________________________________________________________ If you click on the images they show up larger . The Cape Town Stadium Visitor Centre Now up & running tours When? Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays. […]

__________________________________________________________________________ . [June 2009] . __________________________________________________________________________ Photography by Odette Herbert . LINK to see more images showing what the Cape Town 2010 World Cup stadium looked like last year in June LINK to see what the Cape Town 2010 World Cup stadium looks like now . ________________________________________________________________________ Related LINKS to other Cape Town Green Point […]

… … . Photography – Odette Herbert . LINKS LINK – Cape Town 2010 stadium– Viva! The Rope Guys, (aka Rope Access Engineers) – finishing touches to the masterpiece [15 Feb. 2010] For more images of the stadium LINK – Cape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– Hail! To the builders, designers & artisans LINK – Cape Town […]