USA Dr Jill Stein talks to Oxford Union Students England


8/10 talk. If you’re depressed about the state of the world .. here’s a glimmer of light! “Transformation and peaceful rebellion for change” is being demanded world wide but we are voting strategically from “fear, of what we don’t want and NOT for what we DO want” – Dr Jill Stein.
#feesmustfall #studentdebtmustfall #rhodesmustfalleverywhere

Stein a breath of fresh air. So HOW do we bring about CHANGE for those that are fed up to the back teeth of the preditory system/politics/leaders /corporations etc that support the 01?% who hold all the power and wont let go of it. How actually does the system work?! Stein lays it out nice and succinctly for my cluttered mind to grasp!
3 cheers tor The Oxford Union hosting USA Doctor Jill Stein. I love her!

Stein talks about GREEN politics in America, the “election farce” how it works, / free education/ free medical health/ predator banks, government & corporations/ agri transformation/ bad worsening health caused by fossil fuel pollution /pesticides in air water soil/ Cuba health radical improvement thanks to oil embargo/ climate change /unexpected faster ice break up Norway Greenland / harbours, ports and major towns/ cities populations affected by 5-10meter water level rises [Cape Town and Mitchell’s Plain wil be under water?] next 20/30 yrs not in a thousand. Displaced people and migration and food and institutions/ infrastructure like courts, wont be functioning etc etc If we don’t act NOW.

Crippling Student debt, of an entire generation can be wiped out by Steins’s Green party if Students knew this, they would get out there and vote the green party in they promise to do it. The numbers/statistics show it is possible to radically change the system only if we have the numbers. How to educate people to knowing that they actually have power.

” the bottom line is we have the power. Alice Walker said ‘the biggest way we give up our power is not knowing we have it'” Stein

[This is why social media is such a great tool for spreading ideas and good news or bad, to our friends who in turn pass it on to theirs [exponential numbers, 10 friends pass it on to 10 who do the same etc etc Sharing to public allows their friends to see it too. take action Now its urgent!]

I urge you to watch this Video and share it on all platforms! If you agree with her analysis of course.

Education is power!

Stein statistics :

nutshell solutions:


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