●THE POWER of words we think & say – our self talk patter – what are u telling yr brain?


Your brain will pay attention to what you are thinking and saying to yourself and others and make sure that’s what you get!

Rather than focusing on how terrible things are try focusing on what is wonderful in your life! What you are greatful for.

What have we got to be grateful about?

Our health, family, friends, partners, pets, animals, our job, employer, food on the table, roof over our heads, running water, chocolate cake, great teachers, blue sky, the sun, rain, thungderstorms, forrests, art, music, litrature, food, singing, the wind etc

Rather than being concerned about poverty and the financial uncertainty which the media are having a humungous field day with….

We need to be concerned about abundance for all!

If we focus on poverty we give it more ‘power’ ‘energy’ ‘force'[?]

We might then get fearful and slip and slide all the way into a jolly depressing powerless place which also adds to all the others who are thinking similarly to you which then becomes the general trend and guess what? it happens – its called a self fullfilling prophesy

Top Photo by © Miguel Ángel HorcajadaLINK – to their stunning work

So what can we do?

What we need to do is focus on how we want things to BE – according to the ‘law of attraction’ & deal with NOW – not worry about what has been or what might happen

FEEL the feelings of how you want things to be.

Not on how you are being told things ARE or how things MIGHT be

Yes? Are you with me?

For example – instead of being ANTI WAR – which keeps one focused on war, violence, destruction etc

Rather we must focus on PEACE – fulfilment – tranquillity – well being – our community – fun – laughter – caring – all the goooooooood stuff we love and want around us and in our communities

After all this is what makes us feel gooood and safe and secure and happy – all we can really be ‘in control of’ and influence – our immediate community

We must not focus on the things we do not want

We must not focus on the things we do NOT want







It took me a while to get that one!

So what are some of the gooood powerful words we can start to use and focus on no matter how under whelmed we feel?!

Abundance …. Vitality … Relaxed Enthusiastic … Caring … Joyful … Loving … Patient … Considerate … Listening … Sharing … Generous Prosperous … Invincible … Keep on till it’s sorted … Finding Solutions … Seek the positive aspect in all challenging situations … being energised … See The Bright Side Of Life … Laughing … Smiling!

A friend told me they saw a graffito that said

Practice random kindness and senseless acts of beauty!

Anthony Robbins [The power with in] encourages us to turn the volume of harsh angry destructive words down and turn up the intensity of the good things or ordinary things!

Lets say you’re fuuuuuuuming and steam is coming out of yr ears…..

“I’m feeling a tad irritated” ! [& and a smile would be excellent too!]

Did you know that your brain can’t tell the difference between you smiling or laughing and faking a laugh or smile?!

So if laughter makes you feel good then if yr feeling seriously miffed, a tad concerned about the sate of affairs

Try laughing or even just hold a smile – fake it

Smile at everyone – and see what happens!

The muscles that we use to smile tells the brain that we are happy and it releases the appropriate feel good chemicals – endorphins i think they are called

The power of smiling

We are wired up to feel good when we see one and when we use one!

[even if yr feeling a smidging under the weather]

Smile Smile Smile

Try it!

I found out that there are laughing clubs!

Hooo hoooo hooo haaaa haaaa haaa hooo hooo hooo haaa haaa haaa

See if there is one near you or start yr own!

I’m going to get the neighbours in for a good laugh and maybe a tipple too!

Here’s a brilliant site that tells you where to find one and if there isn’t one near you how to start yr own and how to do it!

How generous is that?!

heee heee

LINK – to laughter groups in your area!

Sources & Enourmous Thanks to:
Daiskau Ikeda
SGI Buddhism
Dale Carnegie [1888 – 1955]
Anthony Robbins – Feel good expert
Gregg Braden – Scientist


5 Responses to “●THE POWER of words we think & say – our self talk patter – what are u telling yr brain?”

  1. 1 Angela

    Amen !!!! WONDERFUL words to live by – so true and sadly not always easy to do. So HAPPY I found this blogsite : )

    I recently went through some very depressing down in the dumps period. Basically, I lost me, but happy !! to report that I’ve found myself again and living life to the fullest !! I take each day as it comes and Enjoy !!

    My two favorite words are Peace and Love.

    Peace and Love to my friends around the world who are reading this.



    bizlinks says:

    Viva! Angie Viva!

    A humungous gentle whirlwind of peace and love to you tooooo

    Don’t you just looooove the internet!

  2. 2 tony

    good article thank you

    hoh says:
    thanx so much – hope you try it out if you haven’t already!

    I tried to leave you a message on your blog but i couldn’t find a place to leave one! was going to tell ou that i cued for 2 hrs to see tutenkamoon’s exhibition in london – i think it was in the 70’s! stunning – a wee bit crowded though

  3. yes yes yes—important message!

    have you heard about Rob Brezney’s book Pronoia?? From your post here, I think you might like it!

    A fellow blogger, Danika Dinsmore at accidental novelist recommended it to me and I’ll be reviewing it soon on my blog…

    hoh says:

    thanx for yr input!
    will call my book shop right away
    i will look on yr blog for it’s review tooooo

    if yr in the states – have you voted?
    it would be a great thing if the younger man gets voted in
    if he’s no good then try someone else

    as the ford car man said in court – when accused of being unqualified or ignorant or some such thing – he said he might be badly educated but he had the intelligence and the money to hire the experts to advise him and solve the problems!
    see how i’ve been brain washed with the US election?!
    i am a tad irritated by the fact that we are all subjected to it in the media – easy pickings for the journalists – and we aren’t in america!
    it’s been sooo baooooooring and makes me wonder about american culture ie that it’s only the mega wealthy that get to run for office!

    surly it’s the wisdom of the person that counts.
    any one who wants to be president ought to be banned from running for it don’t you think?!

    too ambitious……
    any sane person wouldn’t want to be president either
    it would be the 2 yr run up that puts me off!
    i’d enjoy the power though i’m sure!

    the energy that has been put into this election will surly have many casualties of burn out
    what will all those involved do with themselves from tomorrow?!
    and will the winner be in a fit state to think strait and put their heads around the problems that need addressing?
    wooops – i’ve digressed a touch!

    may yr day be filled with many little delights [or large!]

  4. 4 RaiulBaztepo

    Very Interesting post! Thank you for such interesting resource!
    PS: Sorry for my bad english, I’v just started to learn this language 😉
    See you!
    Your, Raiul Baztepo

    BIZLINKS says:

    Hello to you!
    Delighted you have got something from this post
    Words are truly powerful
    Your english is brilliant!
    Is it Romanian?
    Have a wonderful sunday!
    BBC has excellent programs to learn english
    and BBC world radio also if you can get it
    best wishes from Cape Town
    keep well and happy 🙂

  5. Neat web site: Hope to visit again.

    bizlinks says:

    thanx for your kind words and especially for your DIY [do it yrself] wind turbine instruction emails!
    just what i need to power my pc to cope with all the power cuts! 7 so far in the past 8 months – 2 lampposts were driven into and the same lamppost caught fire on another occasion! They even moved one lamppost that was driven into and with in a month it was driven into! I have a UPS [uninterrupted power supply] but it isn’t powerful enough to cope with switching on my monitor to shut everything down when the power goes off. its mainly for the power surges
    other wise things are hunky dory! Can’t wait to install the wind turbine!
    all the best

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