south africa – power cut LINKS for outages schedules


telkom w cape zones power cuts

Steps to get to know when your area is going to have a power cut

you need to know the number of your area for the schedules.
you need to know what level/stage of power outage, 1 to 4, to read the appropriate schedule.

go to: Eskom site/click on link, Eskom or Municipality /look at map/look at schedule on Municipality site

follow Eskom on twitter/facebook
& your municipality

here you can see if there are any cut offs going to happen.
Accurate only if other machinery doesn’t break down,
then its immediate with no warnings!

Find your municipality

if your not supplied directly from Eskom

Western Cape MAP

– pdf file, locate yr area and its number for the schedule of black outs [click on map photo above if yr in the Western Cape]

shcedules stages 1 to 4

eskom twitter

Eskom facebook

CONTACT – Western Cape City of Cape Town​
Phone: 0860 103 089
SMS: 31220 ​​

Keep your phone charged & if you can afford it, get a external battery pack for your phone [mine does 2 charges. R500]

WELL DONE ESKOM & CITY OF CAPE TOWN for this excellent system!
It is break downs of old equipment that’s unpredictable & causes chaos!

Knock on effects of power shortages is a disaster for businesses & farmers. Prices will increase. [Generators and fuel costs]


What we need are sun energy farms, wave & wind farms. [not the big propeller ones, they are inefficient as they have to turn to face the wind at all times. The tubular ones, can spin no matter the direction of the wind.]

power cuts – WHY?

Whats going on?
here are some links to articles and audio that will shed light on the matter! : )

Audio of interview with expert SA energy expert De Vos

Daily Maverick -Eskom: Broken by politics and incompetence, now breaking South Africa


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