Red Ups Blood Pressure



Absolutely NO comment.

Photography by Odette Herbert

Photos taken 30mins apart

Well, just one comment

I popped into my local store to pay a bill.
Did a quick run round, chatted with my favorite staff.
Had a giggle and a laugh together.
Realised again how hard they work.
On their feet for 8 hrs, serving so many shoppers. Most then go home & carry on working! Cooking & tidying…

I love the women at the hot food counter & deli & the woman in the photo – they brighten my day! And we always have a good hearty laugh.

Everyone loves the store. The staff are friendly & helpful. AND they keep everything in the same place! (10 + yrs)
The owners respect us, so don’t use sly tactics to get us to buy more, as we hunt for what has been moved on purpose, in all other stores!

I then popped in for a treat at the local Tai takeaway (Red & black corporate colours), then stopped to photograph the latest new building in my neighbhood, of a world fast food mega brand.
Their flag ship, which looks OK, a new look & contemporary rehash 50s style. But food still identical throughout the past 50? yrs. & have horrific statistics, of meat consumption, badly paid teen staff, impact on the environment etc etc.

I got some satisfying images which I’m happy with.

And then, enters the gorgeous Ferrari!
So incongruous!
R2.2 million car! Plumstead!  Drive through, fast food takeaway!?
(FYI 19 klm from Cape Town 3 klm from Constantia)
(I suspect it’s the owner of the franchise’s run around)

Perfect lighting, floodlights, no parked cars. Only negative, was the ghastly 15m high logo reflecting on it!

I’m very proud of this collage. It’s a powerful image. It has multi layer meaning for me.  It’s not just a pretty picture.

Petrolheads info : Ferrari California. From Modena, Italy. R2,219,154 ($198,000)  4.3L (260cu”) V8, 460PS (338kW;454hp)

Oh to drive one… just for a couple of days.. a trip to Johannesburg… Cape Town & back? I know where all the speed cameras are… by default!

#portrait #ferrari #beauty #art #design #ratrace #relationships #happiness #power #violence #kindness #us&them #capetown #africa #everywhere
#petrolheads #photography by #odetteherbert
Via my brilliant phone.

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