SubversiVe Anti Apartheid Posters @ Open Design Festival Cape Town


Absolutely must see, the resistance, anti apartheid posters, 1st time seen together, ever.
Also they are a celebration to 20 Years of democracy in South Africa and the continued vigilance to protect our constitution (which was also designed just like these posters were) #opendesignct #wdcct


I was moved standing amongst them – took me right back to that time and when I first landed in South Africa 1984. I recall seeing them.
The collection is part of the, Open Design Festival, in the magnificent Victorian building, the Old City Hall. The building from which Mandela gave his first speech the day he was released from jail and built by the British colonisers at the end of the 18th century.


As one can see, most of these were designed by artists that ran the risk of being jailed if caught. They had to screen print them with whatever materials they could find.
I will get their names and add them here as soon as I get hold of them.

The Festival ends on Saturday 23rd August
Entrance : Mahala! Free
Parking : Mahala! Free

Open Design Cape Town is really about educating everyone that design is not just posh peoples stuff.
It is not just beautiful expensive things.
It is involved in everything we have around us.
Design as Mr Jobs said, is not just about something looking good, it is how well it works.

phoneography by #odetteherbert

Open Design Cape Town

World Design Capital Cape Town 2014

M&G : Posters that designed a democracy

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#opendesignct #design #wdc2014 #capetown #africa #odct
World Design Capital Cape Town 2014 Open Design Cape Town

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