GUILD – Southern Guild Hall 361 Degree Views


Southern Guild –  a “forum for South African designers to challenge and support each other, unified by national origin but with diverse views and voices… the collection now has a reputation for innovation, excellence and a truly fresh perspective.” GUILD


“In fact, dancing to our own design tune, really valuing and exercising our uniqueness, has become our prime directive. It’s where our future lies. Through collaboration, cooperation, alliance and refining our unique perspective, we can build and mature this arena in relevant and fascinating ways.” – Southern Guild

“Craft is very old in Africa but design is very young. Part of the global appeal of contemporary South African design is that it’s unfettered, imaginative & energetic.” Trevyn McGowan*


 “All products are made by skilled hands in limited runs, and sometimes only one of an item will ever be made. In the case of the very best work by our leading designers, this may raise the work to collectible or limited edition status” – Southern Guild

“On an annual basis, we invite a selection of the very best local designers, artists, architects and upcoming talents to produce and premier original pieces for the Southern Guild Collection” – Southern Guild

* Trevyn McGowan & Trevor McGowan are the founders of Southern Guild  – 2008

Photography by Odette Herbert

Images of artifacts to follow…

 – — –dna  – –  – —  – – – – – — – – – – – – — — – rossana orlandi —– – – —  – – – sashas

Southern Guild
World Design Capital – Cape Town 

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