How To Go About Building A World Class 68K Seater Entertainment Building – Cape Town Stadium – BETWEEN THE LINES – tells you how, by those who did just that


It describes what it really took to get the enormously controversial, Cape Town Stadium built, now poised for the 2010 World Cup, that begins in 12 days time


Cover Photograph by Soren W ©

The cool simplicity of the stadium’s form belies the fiery trail
it followed into existence. This book describes the process of
its formation by those who have been intimately involved
and brings together the often contradictory views
The stadium belongs to the people of Cape Town – its making
is legendary, its impact still to be felt. It is too early to talk
about the legacy it will leave behind: it has to be lived in and
with and alongside.

If you click on the images they open up very much larger

Some of those in the book who tell it like it was are:
Dr Henri Comrie, Thomas Moschner, Sigi Naidoo, Roman Hollenstein, Rober Hormes, Richard Smit, Richard Mathieson, Richard Goldschmidt, Ray Gamble, Ray Gamble, Purshoth Chetty, Prof. Fabio Todeschini, Prof. David dewar, Pieter Cronje, Piet Louw, Morne du Plessis, Mike Marsden, Martin Kruger, Mark Behrmann, Marion Sabol, Louis Karol, Leon F Krige, Khalied Jacobs, Ken Webster, Johan Van Papendorp, Jeremy Rose, Ian Sutherland, Henning Rasmuss, Henning Rasmuss, Hein Stander, Gerrit Bastiaanse, Gabs Pather, Dr Roman Hollenstein, Dr Laurine Plntzky, Dennis Foster, Darrtk Pryce-Lewis, Dan Plato, Colin Sindle, Christian Schlogl, Cathrine Slessor, Catherine Slessor, Carolyn Helefenstein, Brian Richardson, Brian Homann, Bev Mitchell, Andrew Fanton, Andre Lambrechts, Amalie Comrie, Allan Twine + the list of all the workers force’s names

Roll Credits………

Point Architects Group with out whom this book would not have happened (They footed the bills)
They are:
Comrie Wilkinson (Cape) Architects & Urban Designers
Jakupa Architects & Urban Designers
Munnik Visser Architects
Paragon Architects

The book is packed with stunning sketches, drawings, photographs & diagrams

Photography by:
Odette Herbert
Terry February
Leon Krige
Esthe Pretorius
Henning Rasmuss
Bruce Sutherland

Design & layout: Erika Koutny
The book layout & design is seriously sophisticated & beautiful – a work of art
Very much an extension of the Stadium in question – not surprising really considering who the editors are! [All intimately involved with the stadium architecture and urban design]

Editorial Team: Bettina Andrag
Henri Comrie, Khalied Jacobs, Gabs Pather, Henning Rasmuss, Ken Webster

It’s bloody marvellous what was accomplished!
And in such a short time & especially given what the book reveals, from the key people involved & the obstacles that had to be resolved behind the scenes
CONGRATULATIONS to all of you!
Ever so well done bokkies
[Dudes – Afrikaans, colloquial South African]

You Can order the book!

Title: Cape Town Stadium – Between The Lines
ISBN: 978-1-920-424-09-1
Published by Griffel Media, Cape Town
Contact them to order
+ 27 (0)21 465 0025
Cost: R228



LINK To The Cape Town 2010 World Cup Stadium, dedicated site – featuring Odette Herbert’s photography of over 200 images, taken over 2.5 years

LINKLINKS List – Cape Town 2010 Word Cup Stadium Info – Transport maps, Fan Fest & things

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