Cape Town Cubist Architecture Created by Master Architect Dr Henri Comrie


One Response to “Cape Town Cubist Architecture Created by Master Architect Dr Henri Comrie”

  1. 1 Inga Molzen

    Thought I would leave you a quote on the Environment – becaus eArchitecture and Contexts in which they are created – and the environment in which they are located and the technologies they explore to rise from Earth to great heights or depths also matter!

    It’s a few words from the Karmapa, who is a Environmentalist Buddhist activist:
    We appear to be in a dangerous state of denial about the consequences of our actions on the environment the Gyalwang Karmapa stated. “The essential problem,” he said, “lies in the way we conceive of ourselves in relation to others, including the environment. We feel we are separate individuals, but in fact nothing exists independently.”
    “Former generations may conceivably be excused for the harmful consequences of their actions,” His Holiness the Karmapa said. “But our generation cannot, as we have access to an abundance of information on the environmental impact of our current lifestyle.” He continued, “Our task now is to turn information into an awareness that we feel in our hearts, and that can inspire us.”

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