goodbye facebook…Hello #INSTAGRAM! : )




It was created by Kevin Systrom & Mike Krieger  (October 2010) an iphone users, only recently has been open to all other android operated phones.

Ones page looks like the image above..people follow each other ..its a very simple sight and limited to what you can do on it BUT it’s made up of mainly right brained folk who love to take photos with their phones and many do pretty crazy things. I get the impression its a bit of a love in and fest!

It’s a whole sub culture? world wide and some of us meet up for an #instameet/#instawalk/#igerscapetown,  take photos, swop notes, have a laugh.

You can only open an account/page on their platform if you have a ‘smart’ phone (android or iphone)
one can only then, download the #instagram app (apps/store)

As you add photos to it from your phone this is what your page will look like..

All images taken by Odette Herbert

instagram handel : odetteherbert


Sources & indepth info :

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