Cape Town’s Spier Contemporary ART exhibition – Held in the building that Nelson Mandela gave his first speech 11th February 1990


ENTRANCE = FREE = MAHALA! WHAT A GIFT – 2hrs at least to see everything



Photography by Odette Herbert
The Exhibition venue, Cape Town’s Town Hall [1905], is the building that, Nelson Mandela, gave his monumental, historic first speech, 4 hrs after he was released from prison (Victor-Verster Prison, Paarl, @ 4:14pm. 11.2.1990 – 64k away)

“Mr Mandela, the deputy-president of the ANC, appeared on the balcony of Cape Town’s City Hall to speak to the 50,000 people assembled outside at 20:00 local time.” [BBC]

Comrades and fellow South Africans, I greet you all in the name of peace, democracy and freedom for all. I stand here before you not as a prophet but as a humble servant of you, the people. Your tireless and heroic sacrifices have made it possible for me to be here today. I therefore place the remaining years of my life in your hands….
Nelson Mandela

The room he stepped out of, onto the balcony, to be seen by the crowd for the first time, is one of the rooms used in the exhibition
[BBC News footage]

I have deliberately not activated the links to enlarge the small images! So that you will have to go there to see it for yourself! And e x p e r i e n c e the event – And I didn’t want to rob you of the element of surprise – you just have to see how much work has gone into putting an event like this together – I have some images somewhere which I will post when I find them – taken on the day i went to drop off my entry – alas not chosen from the 2500!

The Edwardian Town Hall exudes grandeur, enormous rooms with 5m high ceilings, marble stairs, mosaic & organ pine floors. It was all about showing off colonial power and wealth – sadly it has been neglected & is falling apart.

I could see how much work the Spier team have done to transform the building – repainting the walls and laying out 100 artists work. They have transformed a desperately dingy, sad, old, magnificent & semi-derelict building into an attractive space – that I would love to live in!

Fifa moves in at the end of May for the World Cup – I believe it will be a media centre.

It would be brilliant to have the Town Hall as a permanent cultural centre after Fifa have buzzed off don’t you think?

If you feel the same – Please make a lot of noise about this – the Mayor and especially the deputy Mayor, for starters – he gets the importance of art and culture! (I worked this out as I managed to corner him at a function I was at by default – I told him I thought his bling bling chain, was really kitchy & obviously not gold – which was a heartening thing on an other level!)

There are sooo many artists here in the Western Cape that we are a force to be reckoned with – if we got organised & speak in thousands of voices to local government (they need out votes!)

There is masses of parking in front of the Town Hall

Time you need to see it and absorb it

You will need at least 2 hrs to look at everything and longer if you are going to listen & watch the many mixed media installations [@ thoughtful pace]

30 Mins at quick, look @ pace
It’s open till end? of May & its free so can go back ad nausium

There is food & drink on the first floor if your sugar levels drop and you get dehydrated!
(Next to the winning entries room & live performances?)

Open Hours

From ? till 6pm – 7 days a week?

Live work, Sundays at 10? & 3pm

[I Googled for times as I couldn’t find it on their web site!! Grrrrrr ffs Eish @!*
No wonder most don’t know about the exhibition!!
‘They’ I know must still be reeling from the work involved with putting the show on – but must jack up the info that us, the little people need, to get inside to admire what they have done!

May be, if they had invited all those who entered the competition, to the opening they would have, just by word of mouth, got the information ‘out there’ – THE No 1 advertising method – creates buzz and becomes viral on the internet
All of this irritation – just because of the simple thing of not finding the DAYS & TIMES THEY ARE OPEN!
(Now need to chat with my shrink to see why it makes me so pissed off!)
Wasting my time, for starters….

Apologies to the artists whose work I have photographed with out your permission & have used to lure people to the exhibition – I was in photography mode & not able to write down all the names of the images I took – I will return in writing mode & update with your name & work title – you could leave your details as a comment and even write about what you were thinking when you created the work!

If you hold the curser over an image, most have a subjective note that appears on your screen – which you might want to avoid!


Spier Contemporary 2010 Internet sites

LINK – Website
LINK – twitter
LINK – facebook
LINK – youtube
LINK – Blog – Comments not activated! Therefore no debate



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  1. nice art.

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