●Olympics: What is the REAL medal tally? The one linked to each country’s GDP and population – that’s what!


Bill Mitchell’s Alternative Olympic Games Medal Tally – 2012
2016 BRAZIL  http://www.billmitchell.org/sport/medal_tally_2016.html

Last computed: August 7, 2012 – 12:39 EAST (End of Day 10)

1st (38) Grenada
28 (3) United Kingdom
40 (16) South Africa
45 (1) China
53 (2) United States

Aug 14, 2008 @ 13:13

Official medal rankings “only reflect world power, derived from economic might” so says Bill Mitchell, Professor of economics – give the man a platinum medal!

Abso bloody lutely! Its so obvious now that I heard about it last week – on BBC World radio – I love those people in London they are switched on and ask the right questions – most of the time

Thank goodness for our Proff. who must have made a mammoth effort to crunch the numbers, pass it through the formulas, to construct a live, fairer medal chart, for all to see – And bless the BBC and Google for finding him! [I have no shares nor relatives or friends who work in either company by the way nor am I looking to work for them!]

Image source: Bruce in Beijing [Flickr]

So, guess who are the top 3 Countries on Prof. Mitchell’s medal chart?

The official medal ranking 13th August was: China 1st – US 2nd – South Korea 3rd

When actually the medal rankings based on GDP and population numbers of each country is radically different [see Mitchell’s ranking chart]

China37th – with a population of 1,321,851,888 (July 2007)
one billion three hundred and twenty one million etc

United States27th – population: 301,139,947 (July 2007)
Three hundred and one million, etc

South Korea7th – Population: 49,044,790 (July 2007)
Forty-nine million etc

Well done South Korea!

If this ranking system was implemented would the so called “super” powers pull out of the olympics?

Why hasn’t this ranking been used?
Might it be that the Top brass of the olympic committee is also made up of the G8 countries? And if not the super powers are bound to hold the equivalent of the veto!

I have done no research what so ever in finding out the olympic power demographics!
I’m sure it’s been done

LINKBill Mitchell’s Alternative Olympic Games Medal Tally – 2008
By GDP – By Population – By GDP Per Capita – By Team Size – By Gender

LINKThe REAL Olympic medal count – Mitchell’s [NOT Eco. Power/pop. based]

LINK – Olympic medal count [World Eco Power/pop. based]

LINK – Widget olympic medal counter – A/mac [World Eco Power/pop. based]

LINK – Widgets – Google search result for ‘Widget medal counter’ – Take your pick! ______ [Grrrrrrrr I’ve tried & failed – I’m seriously IT challenged!] Good luck 🙂

LINK – Olympic official website

LINK – Olympic event schedule – [Blue=Game. Orange=Final]

LINK – BBC Sport Olympics


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I’m seriously cynical about the Olympics
The girl and boy athletes are just brilliant at what they do
but the pain and the ambition to get there is scary!

Is it health to be that driven?
And why are the tennis pros Williams and Federa there?
I thought the olympics was for amateurs?
It’s a sham.

National pride? What’s that all about?
Nationalism – creates an us and them – that’s healthy for world peace and harmony!

I’m really not interested in sport so I don’t know why i’m even thinking about these things!

Might it be that I’m seeing parallels to the 1936 Olympics – fascism, nationalism, recession, inflation, depression of the world economies, food prices, oil prices, war etc etc corruption etc etc violence, genoside etc ect

Mitchell’s Definition: GDP – Gross Domestic Product ●Read on>>

Gross domestic product (GDP) in current prices: GDP is sum of gross value added, at purchaser prices converted at market exchange rates to current U.S. dollars, by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes (less subsidies) not included in the valuation of output. It is calculated without deducting for depreciation of fabricated capital assets or for depletion and degradation of natural resources. GDP is equal to GNI less net receipts of primary income. Value added is the net output of an industry after adding up all outputs and subtracting intermediate inputs. The World Bank does not use this measure for classification of countries into income groups or poverty levels, as it is subject to distortions caused by short-term exchange rate fluctuations, policies and interventions. However, GDP measured in constant, local currency units provides the basis for estimates of overall economic growth.
[Source: http://www.billmitchell.org/sport/medal_tally_2008%5D



4 Responses to “●Olympics: What is the REAL medal tally? The one linked to each country’s GDP and population – that’s what!”

  1. 1 Ray

    By linking medal count with a county’s GDP and population, you’re assuming that players from different counties have the same chance to participate in the Games. But that’s not the case at the Olympic Games. Many world champions can not even get into their country’s delegation because their countries are so dominating in these sports.

    If China is allowed to send as many teams as they want in Diving competitions, other countries would have no chance to win any medals. The same applies to weight-lifting. The Chinese women only won 4 gold medals because no country can send more than four women to compete in Olympic weightlifting. Otherwise the top 100 women weightlifters would be all Chinese.

    hoh says:
    thanx so much for yr input
    as i’m completely ignorant about anything to do with sport and the olympics selection system of participation – what do you suggest would make it a fairer medal system?
    so that smaller and/or poorer, populated countries get a fairer levelled playing field
    A handy cap may be? Like the golfers – is golf an olympic sport?
    i think that all professionals should be banned too!
    how about footballers – they can only win one medal
    swimmers can get to win 11 +?!
    it’s not fair is it?
    especially given the price of gold these days!
    i wonder if the gold medal is solid gold?
    and what about all the professional athletes that are participating?!

  2. 2 Francis Q

    Country like North Korea having the highest gold medal tally according to GDP is an extremely sad indictment to the country.

    The North Koreans also wins the gold medal in terms of their national budget in developing nuclear weapons.

    While the citizen of North Koreans are starving in the millions, they spend their meagre coffers persuing national vanities like Olympic gold medals. These gold medals are blood medals.

    Olympic golds are the persue of the weathy, as a status symbol reflecting their weath and power. Most of the countries that tops Bill Mitchell’s medal tally table are poor countries.

    China and USA should be congradulated for not ranking the highest in the measures in this blog.

    ●hoh says:

    thank you for your comments Francis Q
    “blood medals”
    what about Zimbabwe being 2nd on the chart! [14th aug]
    they have 8,000% inflation – sooo much blood too, has been spilt & so much suffering
    the young women who won the silver? to put them in 2nd place – she wasn’t brave like the black athletes in the 70’s who used the black glove and clench fist to make a strong statement
    had she done so – i think it would have made her a hero
    i wonder if i would have done it?
    all the best to you

  3. 3 mohamand

    how about India with 1.2 billion people ???

    Bizlinks says:

    Are you saying that india isn’t part of the mix in the calculations?
    I’m sure the Prof. wouldn’t leave them out
    Send him an email about it
    Do let us know what he says!
    All the best

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