What’s 22m taller & 55m longer than the Cape Town Stadium? The Queen Mary II (2) That’s what!




Photography by Odette Herbert
If you click on the image it will open larger

I could tell my brain struggled to take in what it was seeing – Something that is larger than the Cape Town Stadium, floating in the harbour – that turned round & sailed off into the late dusk – a spiritual experience! Goose bumps generating, eyebrow lifting stuff! Made the heart sing with delight.
Felt sadness watching it sail away – some symbolism going on there!
[6pm departure, Friday 26th March 2010]

It was seriously exhilarating – the bag pipes piped them out of the harbour and the tugs turned the leviathan round and out of the narrowish gap out of the harbour, spraying us all with the jets of water, 20m? high, as the wind was blowing our way.
My car was a dusty mess when I saw it the next day – am a little concerned about my camera and the sea salt…
And to think I was oblivious that there was a leviathan in town that day & only saw it by chance.
I just go with the flow!

The Queen Mary II (QMII), the 2nd largest ocean liner – it is truly big
(Thank goodness for the pier or I wouldn’t have been able to get the whole ship in frame!)
I found my self wondering if it would fit into the stadium?
I guessed it wouldn’t & I was correct

Here are the stats:

Height: 72.0 m (236.2 ft) keel to funnel
Length: 345 m (1,019.4ft)
Width: 40.8432m (134 feet) (45.0 m – extreme (bridge wings)

Cape Town World Cup Stadium
Width: 265m

Courtesy: Wikipedia – Click on diagram to go to excellent QMII page

“A new 92,000-ton liner, to be named ˜Queen Elizabeth”™ has been ordered and is scheduled to enter service in the autumn of 2010 [Nothern hemosphere]. We have signed an agreement with Italian shipbuilder Fincantieri for the contruction of the new 2092-passenger ocean liner, which will be built at their Monfalcone yard at an all-in cost of approximately $993 million.”

LINK – Cape Town 2010 World Cup Stadium – Dedicated Site
– Featuring Odette Herbert’s Photography

Link – Wikipedia Queen Mary II

Link – QMII Technical info & key dates – pdf

Link – The owners – Cunard Ocean Liners

Link – Info on QM2 (The on-line cruise magazine)



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