●Zapiro: So what’s all the furore about? Freedom of expression for starters – that’s what!



UPDATE - Follow up cartoon - 11th September - Zapiro has also done a cartoon of the identical image replacing Zuma with Mbeki & his cronies @ http://www.mg.co.za/zapiro/all/2 click on image to go to M&G source

Zapiro says his cartoons of Jacob Zuma are all based on quotes that are ” out- landish, chauvinistic and ignorant things about aids, women and the rule of law……” uttered by Zuma.


Even though this particular cartoon is so shocking to look at – whether we agree with it or not – is the artist’s rite to express it. If this rite is eroded then we are all in serious trouble.
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UPDATE – 14TH MAY 2009

The latest on Zuma’s actions against Zapiro

Jacob Zuma is suing Zapiro for R7 million for the ‘Rape of Justice’ cartoon which was published in The Sunday Times on 7 September 2008.
On Wednesday 17 December the Sheriff of the Court served Zapiro with a letter of demand claiming R7 million – R5 million for injury to Zuma’s reputation and R2 million for injury to his dignity ‘ to be paid within 2 weeks, failing which Zuma will take Zapiro to court……..

LINK – To read full article on zapiro’s web site – it’s packed with goodies
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It is absolutely necessary to analyse the cartoon – to find out what it means – for instance, why has Zuma got a shower thing on his head?

SA’s Zuma ‘showered to avoid HIV’

Mr Zuma is a veteran of the struggle against apartheid . South African ex-Deputy President Jacob Zuma said he showered after sex with an HIV-positive woman, thinking this would reduce his risk of being infected.

This emerged as he was cross-questioned during his trial for rape. He denies rape but admits to consensual sex, and said he was ready to marry his accuser.
Remarks about HIV made by Mr Zuma in court earlier this week have angered Aids educators.
[Source:BBC NEWS 5 April 2006 – LINK]

Photo: by T_13 [Flickr] – Justice

There have been calls for the resignation of Mondli Makhanya, the Sunday Times editor, who published the controversial cartoon last Sunday.


COSATU [Union] have demanded an apology from The Sunday Times – It’s lucky the editor isn’t white or there would have been rioting in the streets and accusations of racism

My unflattering portrayal of Jacob Zuma is entirely based on actual quotations of his……I was once an admirer of Jacob Zuma. I admired his commitment during the apartheid era, his pleasant personality and his ability to establish rapport with people. I’m afraid that those qualities have been overshadowed by his recently displayed attitudes, his inability to control his own finances ……As a cartoonist and therefore a commentator, I don’t have to hold back
if I feel these things strongly, which I do. I think negative characterisation is justified.

[Zapiro Interview by Koelble & Robins (2007)]
Source: Sandisiwe Vilakazi
her open letter to Zapiro – LINK

Photo: by ILKIN [Flickr] – God of Justice

LINK Zapiro’s credentials/biography.

LINK – Zuma cartoon: Worth a thousand words?

LINK – Zapiro in Zuma cartoon uproar – Imke Van Hoorn

LINK – In defence of Zapiro – Jonathan Berger

LINK – What others are thinking of the Zapiro/Zuma cartoon @ History Matters

LINK – Watch & listen to Julius Malema of the ANCYL attacking Zapiro

LINK – Zapiro’s web site

LINK – COSATU demand for apology

LINK – What if Zuma wins in court? – Nic Dawes [Sep12 ’08 07:05]

LINK – Friends of Jacob Zuma web site

LINK – Power of Comics

LINK – Sandisiwe Vilakazi





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I found an excellent commentary of Brett Davidson’s on, Africa is a Country
I recommend you go there to read the whole article which explains the issues very clearly

Yes, Zapiro’s cartoon is very shocking. It elicits a visceral response – it’s like a kick in the stomach. But let’s just think about the situation it’s referring to. Supporters of Jacob Zuma have lately been making some very disturbing comments about the judiciary. Some have gone so far as to call our top judges — judges with impeccable credentials — ‘counter-revolutionary’.

These comments, which are being repeated over and over again, are steadily undermining faith in and respect for, our judicial system and thus for the rule of law. The rule of law is the bedrock of democracy. If that goes, society descends into chaos or tyranny. It is very dangerous territory that Zuma’s backers have dragged us into and that I find that infinitely more worrying and disturbing than this cartoon.
Brett Davidson – an extract
Source: Africa is a Country – LINK

Photo: by Thiago Martins [Flickr] – Justiça – P&B de Brasília

LINKFor more Zapiro posts

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