Cape Town’s New Skyline: Table Mountain, Lions Head + 2010 stadium


16 Feb. 19:35 2010 Webcam images – Courtesy of

If you click on the images they show up bigger

Cape Town’s New Dusk Silhouette: Table Mountain, Lions Head + 2010 stadium
If you click on the image you will see it more clearly
I’m shocked to see what a massive structure it is – visible from 15 kilometers away
If you were to drive straight through the mountain you would be heading South for Cape point [peninsula] – For me the most staggeringly beautiful part of the Cape – National Geographic vistas – only an hour drive away

Cape Town 2010 stadium – looking like a space ship this morning as the sun reflects off the white fabric its encased in (Monday 13.12.09 at 6AM)

Tell me it it’s not a tad out of proportion to the CBD! [central business district]

Also looks like a speed boat – doing a quick turn with no wake!

How’s the pink grey smog?! – not so clean the air at the tip of Africa – our carbon foot print in Cape Town is definitely first world!

LINK – WebCam [updated every 7mins]

Images Courtesy of



LINK – Photo Webcam – Cape Town dawn Skyline – 24th November 2008 5ish


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LINK Cape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– FIFA’s specs, built by locals – It’s big – really really BIG [15Nov09]

LINKCape Town Stadium– Live Art.The rope guys 6 till late – car park 4 best seats [16Nov09]

LINKCape Town stadium – March 2008 – What it will look like + LINKS

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