Cape Town Stadium – Live Art. The rope guys 6 till late – best seats in car park


job description = rope access technicianRope Assess Technician Isula
the rope guys - the paint teama bunch of ropies - they got swagga

Cape Town - south west view - across the harbour to the stadium
PhotographyOdette Herbert


LINKCape Town 2010 stadium– Viva! The Rope Guys, (aka Rope Access Engineers) – finishing touches to the masterpiece [15 Feb. 2010]

For more images of the stadium
LINKCape Town’s coliseum [stadium]– Hail! To the builders, designers & artisans

LINKCape Town stadium – March 2008 – What it will look like + LINKS

LINKCape Town City Council – Stadium owners/gate keepers – excellent

LINKWikipedia – Cape Town Stadium

LINKFacebook – THE Greenpoint Stadium/ 2010 Awareness

LINKMurry & Roberts – construction company

LINKtwitter – FIFA World Cup 2010

One Response to “Cape Town Stadium – Live Art. The rope guys 6 till late – best seats in car park”

  1. 1 konnio

    Hmmm, very interesting … I really enjoy your blog

    BIZLINKS says:

    Hi there Konnio – thanks so much!
    I often wonder if I’m just blowing in the wind! (ether)
    It takes me ages to put posts together – I just want to pass on good
    information/links to brilliant sites I’ve been told about or stumbled on

    I wish you all the best

    do you have a blog?
    how did you find this post
    are you intested in football?
    are you local? ie capetonian

    all the best to you

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