●Green Peace needs YOU! Sign their website petition – it’s ocean day



TAKE Action for the survival of sharks, tuna, whales & many other threatened and endangered species..[not to mention what’s happening to coral reefs [food/protection for the bottom of the food chain ocean living things] and as for plankton, the absolute start of the food chain – teetering at deaths door…cose of rising temperatures of oceans/seas – don’t get depressed!]….by signing the petition you are doing something about it!
Please go to the Green Peace website to sign the petition

[Just found out about Ocean Day on twitter – very useful for info by ‘following’ the groups that yr interested in – new info pops up on yr twitter page]

LINKHELP make a difference

Get hold of your MP’s/councillors/municipality/marine departments etc – give them hell/what for/hard time/hard talk! [in the nicest assertive way] if enough of us are being heard then action will be taken! We need to be creative in spreading the word of what we CAN do as apposed to what we mustn’t do – heard someone say this the other day.

When we know what the problem is we can take action to correct it  collectively – big numers work every time – this is what true democracy is about!

CNN Larry King to day [Monday 8.6.09 rerun] interviewed some of the brave green peace people who are risking their lives by putting themselves between the whaling ship and the endangered whales they are trying to harpoon – this is an illegal act as they are protected because they are endangered. The whales takes at least twenty minutes to die from the harpoon which also has an explosive in it – it eventually drowns – shame full – and we are expected to believe that it is for scientific research hah! Its all to do with money. They advertise and encourage the Japanese populous to eat whale [see green peace ocean page] good idea to contact Japanese embassies to complain metion the Tokyo two also!
Try to see CNN LARRY KING to day its 15 mins into the program – terrible footage I had to switch off – I couldn’t watch the footate of the whales being killed

LINKTake action things –  some things you can do to make a difference
http://oceans.greenpeace.org/en/take-action takeactionjoinship

LINK – join our ship

LINK – Japanese government’s attempts to cover up an embezzlement scandal within the whaling industry.


If the Japanese government is going to arrest people for the crime of opposing whaling, they are going to need a lot of handcuffs. Are you a suspect?

Help us defend the Tokyo Two, and oppose whaling. Greenpeace accepts no money from governments or corporations. We rely on you. [Green Peace]


other LINKS

Taking the whaling debate to the Japanese people

2 Responses to “●Green Peace needs YOU! Sign their website petition – it’s ocean day”

  1. 1 Anton Fourie

    Hi i would like to contact someone of green piece in connection with the Seli1(the stranded ship in Tableview) we would like to get a protest together to wake up the authorities to take some action.
    Can you please put me onto the right person.
    Thanks Anton

    Bizlinks says:

    hello anton
    pls get in touch with greenpeace here are their contact details i got from their website which was for their ocean day
    good luck
    i take it you have got hold of the local papers and radio stations?

    PostNet Suite 125
    Private Bag X09
    Melville, Johannesburg, 2109
    South Africa
    Email: info.africa@greenpeace.org

    Contact us

    Thank you for your interest in Greenpeace
    Greenpeace international is located in Amsterdam at the following address:

    Greenpeace International
    Ottho Heldringstraat 5
    1066 AZ Amsterdam
    The Netherlands
    Fax: +31 (0) 20 718 2002
    Email: supporter.services.int@greenpeace.org
    How to get there: Download travel directions.

    Phone: +31 (0) 20 7182000

    Greenpeace has national and regional offices in more than 40 countries. To find contact information for the office nearest you, visit our index of international contacts.

    Have you got a question about Greenpeace, the environment, or this website? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions- the answer to your question may be there already

  2. 2 recycle2010

    Thank you for blogging about this! Something else that reminds me of the ocean is found on the GreenopolisTV You Tube channel. Watch it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FfONC4aAS14.


    BIZLINKS says:

    Thank you for this link – excellent idea to ask people if they know how many oceans there are.
    Our oceans and all that live in it are now in serious trouble…..

    All the best to you
    Education education education
    Once people become aware of what the issues are then we can really change things!


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