●BBC News Red Box About To Stop Off @ Cape Town – GPS tracking says so




BBC News is following a container around world for a year to tell stories of globalisation and the world economy – track the BBC Box on a live updating map as it travels the globe.

The Box is heading to Japan via the Cape of Good Hope and Singapore with a cargo of monosodium glutamate.
In normal circumstances the location of the Box should be shown on the map, as transmitted from a Global Positioning System (GPS) unit attached to it.
Track the route of the Box
Click on map to see it BIG

ID numbers/markings on BBC NEWS container/box at departure was:
NYKU 8210 506 4[?]2GI – [no idea if they changed on rout]
It is 12m long [40 foot/feet]
This might help you find out if it is in port and find where it’s docked – as the BBC haven’t given the name of the ship it’s currently on.
It’s virtually impossible to get any where close to the ship to look for the container let alone to photograph it!
There are new international anti t e r r o r i s t rules which prohibits any/all photos being taken with in any harbour/port! This could explain why there are so few photos of the red box on the BBC NEWS web site

The Red Box’s GPS location on 28th March @22:28 – Green dots show the GPS readings with the time and contents in pop up box, when you hover over them – exciting stuff!


LINK – Send BBC NEWS your pictures

What’s in the red box?
Monosodium glutamate and car parts

Globalisation explained, with key facts and figures

See the Box get a double-quick paint job

How containers transformed world

The bizarre uses for containers

UP DATE 30th March @ 7.30ish Local Time

STOP PRESS! BIG Whoops – Green dots misleading!
Rats! The BOX has sailed right past Cape Town!
The GPS dots on the map really looked like they were B lining into port!


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