●Yaba daba dooo! Finally an intelligent CEO of the uber multinational called the United States of America



My sense of gloom about the states’ administration & modis operandi has lifted – Obama is going to need all the help he can get
I just watched Obama’s first speech – to listen to someone who talks so fluidly and who speaks like a normal person is bloody marvellous! At last a person who seemingly listens to others and uses the technology of the day and gets the ideology of the politically powerful

LINK – Acceptance Speech

Now, what did he do to raise all that loot over the internet? – must go to his site to take a look – the way to success is to copy those that are already successful.  [Anthony Robbins] – Image by Ron English

[If you are using INTERNET EXPLORER 6, for some inexplicable reason – which hasn’t been identified yet by the wiz kids at WordpPress support – there is an image in the blank space – pls click on it or on the title of this post to see the brilliant drawing of Obama]

The first thing Obama needs to do is change the horrendous 2 yr lead up to electing a president that those of us who don’t live in the states are subjected too!

Electioneering has to be a multi billion dollar industry!
The fickle world of politics…..

Well done campaign chief – a brilliant production & it wouldn’t have been possible with out the internet!
Viva! the internet viva!
Obama it is said has a 7 to 8 million mailing list – nice
obamawebsite1 obamadonate
the obama blog – not powered by wordpress!

LINK – Obama website


2 Responses to “●Yaba daba dooo! Finally an intelligent CEO of the uber multinational called the United States of America”

  1. Heya, thanks for commenting
    on my blog

    But why did you think I was
    a clever lad may I ask?


    hoh says:

    when scrolling down all the comments on the new version of WP preview,
    your comment stood out for originality as does your avitar
    – you think outside the box – you aren’t a sheep – you are an original visual thinker
    this means you are a person that can help people see the world differently!
    get them to see beyond/outside the box – hopefully so they become more tolerant – peace promoting value creating……
    you’re a non conformist which is a marvellous thing in my book!
    it’s the non conformists generally that have taught me the most
    oh and
    non conformists generally know who they are and don’t care what others think of them especially strangers
    [just make sure you’re a constructive one please!]

    squarebrackets says:

    […] comment and why did they think I was a clever lad and their response was this; squarebrackets on November 8, 2008 […]

    hoh says:

    Sorry don’t get yr comment [it’s too obscure!]

    squarebrackets says:

    I was basically writing a blog
    about your comment, but my
    friend came over whilst I was
    writing it.

    It was basically saying that that
    was the first time someone had
    called me a non-conformist and
    that it ws quite pleasent

    Anyway, how’s you?

    hoh says:

    oooh OK
    so you like the idea of being a non conformist?!
    do you agree that you are or are you a conformer/ist?

  2. 2 daniel

    can u say – hilarious. BO has learned to be the best politician in the world. Now – to learn to be the best CEO. BO is the man, the milano, the prez, and has the worst initials :0) of any CEO in the world.

    can u say – correct. 2 years of campaigning, 3 weeks of voting, and a life made 4 times like this. BO is on the way to the hardest job in the country.

    can you say – well done.

    Thanks for blogging,

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