●Zapiro: on Mbeki’s removal – spot on!


Click on image to go to source & see Zapiro’s other brilliant cartoons – the man is a true genius – THE doyenn of political satire
ZapiroMore @ Mail & Guardian Online [www.mg.co.za]

I’m sooooo shocked that the ANC hadn’t the decency – no matter what shenanigans are going on behind the scenes – to wait for Mbeki’s full term as president to end – I’m feeling depressed – I think we’re in trouble…
Zuma is giving a press conference as I write – he is reading what he has to say – he has hardly looked at the audience as he speaks – and I hear no reason why Mbeki has resigned – “recalled” – were was he? I’m surprised that Zuma didn’t say it was for family reasons that he’s stepped down @ least it would save face for SA in the eyes of the world – great way to turn the investors off

I thought it was ambassadors that are recalled – the ANC have fired him, that’s what.
“It was such a painful decision we had to make..”
bollocks! You couldn’t wait 4 more months?
Politicians think we are so thick don’t they!
Mbeki was so composed when he gave his talk on TV last night- just as Zapiro draws him – always with the same expression but with no pipe!

Zuma has just said
“I would like to reiterate that we will always abide to the rule of law and respect the judicial system” [paraphrased]
I think he’s addressing all the criticism – especially the reaction to Zapiro’s recent cartoons showing him and his cronies [& Mbeki & his cronies] about to rape the woman representing the judicial system

A carpet
To sweep under the carpet = an english idiom

sweep something under the carpet (British, American & Australian, American & Australian)
to try to hide a problem or keep a problem secret instead of dealing with it. The incident has forced into the open an issue that the government would rather have swept under the carpet. The evidence was on film and the police couldn’t just sweep it under the rug.
LINK – to idiom @ the thefreedictionary


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