●Switzerland: Whooops – a helium leak in the LHC machine – just a month to get it up to temprature from absolute zero to fix it


You may have heard about the amazing experiment that has taken 10 years to put together.

“If you keep an eye on the big picture, we’ve been building the machine for 20 years” James Gillies – Cern’s [CERN] director of communications. [BBCNews online]
“The most powerful physics experiment ever built” – CERN

[It took 7 years [seven!] for Thabo Umbeki’s soft diplomacy to get some action from Mugabe] [And Mugabe took 20 years to do something about the land issue]. [It took 200? years to abolish slavery]

A 27 kilometres long [16.8 miles], circular tunnel was excavated under ground [imagine a dough nut] & cooled – as the superconducting magnets have got to be at absolute zero.

A group of scientists are wanting to study what happened at the point of the big bang – the birth of the universe – in ultra miniature assimilated conditions and as outer space is at a temperature of, absolute zero, they had to fill the tunnel with helium to bring the temperature down to −273.15C [-427.8F?] [“Superconducting magnets are cooled down using liquid helium” – LINK]

Absolute Zero
Absolute zero is the lowest possible temperature where nothing could be colder and no heat energy remains in a substance. Absolute zero is the point at which molecules do not move (relative to the rest of the body) more than they are required to by a quantum mechanical effect called zero-point energy.

By international agreement, absolute zero is defined as precisely 0 K on the Kelvin scale, which is a thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale, and −273.15 on the Celsius (centigrade) scale.
Source Wikipedia – LINK

Photo/top: The Large Hadron Collider [LHC] at CERN1 – THE Accelerator LINK
No credits for the photographer/s that I could find [bloody marvellous – such gorgeous images and no names of who took them – I wonder why there is generally such disrespect for photographer’s work by not naming who they are? Why does a text writer get credits and not the image maker – after all an image is worth at least a thousand words!]

I heard on the news today [BBC Wold News] that a plug caught fire and helium leaked out of the contraption – which means to fix it, will take a month for the temperature to be brought back up to the point where they can fix it and then another month to take it back down to absolute zero. The spokesperson mentioned that it was a costly repair!

[not as costly as the “war against terrorism” a billion plus dollars a day for bleep sake – & governments wont talk to them! I recall reading a book a while ago that mentioned the many of the most powerful families in the states are connected to the army and the administration [civil service] by them marrying each other. Who are the weapons manufacturers, who owns them? Who are the dealers, go betweens? Who are the people benefiting from the conflict? History keeps showing that wars don’t stop as it’s making people loads of money – just like the slave trade – why it took so long to stop and why the US had a civil war over it was that it was too lucrative – I’d say! when you’ve got free labour – slave labour still goes on today – Sex slaves for starters – guess what? It’s a multi billion dollar industry – Let’s start by legalising sex work – let’s stop being bigots about the so called oldest profession in the world – spouting morality for bleep sake! They legalised dope in Holland and the nation hasn’t fallen apart – in fact its a great tourist attraction & it got rid of the dope dealers]
[I’m on a circular rant and rave to day :-)]

Here is one of the first images captured from the LHC’s experiment
[Written on the image it says -Run62063. Event 2433. Orbit 15231634 BX680]

“It’s a fantastic moment,” said LHC project leader Lyn Evans, “we can now look forward to a new era of understanding about the origins and evolution of the universe.” – Source: Press release
First beam in the LHC accelerating science – LINK

LINK – CERN web site – brilliant stuff on it – one can spend ages peroozing

LINK – What happened to the Big Bang machine? By Paul Rincon – Science reporter, BBC News Online + lots of links to more info
“If you keep an eye on the big picture, we’ve been building the machine for 20 years ” James Gillies – Cern’s [CERN] director of communications [BBC News online]

Photo: No credits [ On BBC News Online]
Looks like ground zero? – the caption does not ID what one is looking at
[I’m sure it’s due to horrendous live lines!]

LINK – Tim Berners-Lee – he invented/put together the internet @ CERN way back in the early days when he worked there. [wikipedia? sorry]

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