●O! La! Feast your eyes on these gastronomic delights!


Cupcakes that brighten up yr day! Just looking at them made me smile
Each one is unique – they look too good to eat don’t they
These baked gems are designed and created by Lucia & Luz, Architect students from Buenos Aires Argentina
What a delightful gift to give someone – the problem is – I wouldn’t be able to eat them – they look to good
They are designed & produced in their factoría de cupcakes [cupcake factory]
Photos & styling: Lucia & Luz
LINK – Look at all the others they have made – they call them” bombalistic colour-balls” – “very de-stressfuling and joy giving, to bake and decorate cupcakes!”

Photo & creator by ChotdaLINK to see all the others


One Response to “●O! La! Feast your eyes on these gastronomic delights!”

  1. 1 Nikita

    Those are so bright and cheerful! Cupcakes are wonderful. 😀

    hoh says:
    that’s exactly what i thought when i accidentally came across them
    love bright colours – lifts the spirits!

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