●Boris Johnson: On why London city is the sporting capital of the world & the difference between the British & French psyche


Mayor Johnson – the super flamboyant Londoner’s darling – had the crowd rolling in the isles @ the post Olympic party in Beijing

Virtually every single one of our international sports were either invented
or codified by the British and I say this respectfully to our Chinese hosts who have excelled so magnificently at ping pong

Ping pong was invented on the dining tables of England in the 19th century and it was called wiff waff.

There I think you have the essential difference between us and the rest of world.

Other nations, the French, looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to have dinner, we looked at a dining table and saw an opportunity to play wiff waff. That is why London is the sporting capital of the world.

And I say to the Chinese and I say to the world, ping  pong is coming home.

An extract from Larissa Ham’s article [25th August]

[incase you haven’t heard London is hosting the next Olympics – 2012]

LINK – Watch Johnson’s Ping Pong Speech –

LINK – Boris Johnson’s Biography – a clever toff  & cycles to work @ city hall

Black & White photo by Mark Pritchard

Image courtesy Matt From London

●Info on the original painting by Ingres

– Gorgeous BIG blow up

Title: Napoleon 1st on his Imperial Throne – 1806

Artist: Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres – French

Born: August 1790
Died: January 1867 Paris

The french hated it!
More info on the painting
Watch Me Paint

“…may be said to have been a lonely phenomenon in the art of the nineteenth century” NewAdvent

I’m sure he must have used the camera obscure? with a lens to get such stunning detail

– The Louvre – France’s National gallery/museum?

Napoleon on his throne doesn’t seem to be there – have run out of time – anyone know where it is & how large it is?
I wonder if it’s in the British National Portrait Gallery in Trafalgar sq with Nelson on his colomn!

LINK – The National Portrait Gallery’ 2 photos of Ingres

One Response to “●Boris Johnson: On why London city is the sporting capital of the world & the difference between the British & French psyche”

  1. That’s a fabulous picture.

    bizlinks says:
    isn’t it just!
    i think it’s a painting of Napoleon Bonaparte that someone dropped BJ’s head onto
    i tried to find out about it – who the creator was and the story behind it – but had no luck
    pity as it’s such a wonderful image and reflects the playfulness of johnson.

    I”ve found that 99% of bloggers don’t credit the artists/creators of the images they use – which quite frankly would make their blogs/sites look totally dull/boring/dead – grrrrrrrrrrrrr
    it’s plagiarism – it’s theft – it’s unethical – it takes much longer to put a post together but it’s the right thing to do!

    thank you all you amazing artists and creators of beautiful images!
    with out you my blog would be a disaster!

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