●Beijing China: Finally Olympics begin today @ midday [GMT] – & at last that bleeping torch gets switched off


Photo: The Telegraph – EPA – National Stadium, rehearsal – opening ceremony
Architects of stadium: Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron from Switzerland

Estimated cost of hosting the China Olympics:
$44 billion USD – €28.7 billion EUR – ₤22.6 billion GBP – R330.4 billion ZAR
A bargain!

In a discussion on a BBC World radio program [Thursday 7th aug [Outlook?]] – it mentioned that hosting the Olympics has generated huge returns for Madrid and Athens.

I think the hosting cities are etched into the collective viewing consciousness via the plethora of media images – especially TV inserts of the local surroundings. A brilliant PR and Marketing tool to promote your city – And also, to build an extraordinary, never done before/breaking the conventional mould/multy billion building in your city, I’ve heard works too.

People will travel far and wide just to see it. If i have the time and the money I must say that i will do this too!

Because it’s so expensive to build and usually so big it gets the media’s attention and documentary makers – the tallest the biggest the most extravagant etc etc

Madrid, a case in point – planned their Olympic event including what would happen to the buildings afterwards – all of which are integrated into the city.
Their tourism figures have tripled. [same BBC prog]
The architect who planned all the buildings – a woman

Greece on the other hand, who did a rush job, did not plan for after the event and many facilities are closed to the public

Moral of the story: if you want your City’s economy to grow – get to host the Olympics

● The Beijing National Stadium, also known as:the bird’s nest – seats 90,000 [source: BBC World Radio] – It’s big – very big

The opening show is bound to be spectacular!

LINK: for more virtual images from inhabitat

LINK: Times on line – 24 hour full Olympics coverage – Wonderful photos

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