●Found! – A plethora of green stuff: a green search engine


How to: Be Green, Live Green, Buy Green, Think Green: help is at hand – this will save you loads of time when you want green answers or are trying to find anything green – get with the green program – get into the green zone!

GREENMAVEN – The green search engine

Warning! Check things out – the green bandwagon is in the making – a leviathan.
Just as the word, organic has been appropriated by commerce & is bounded about with gay abandon eg ” …our company is growing organically” !

Likewise, just because someone says something is green or organic, does not mean it IS “safe” or non toxic.

Products are flown to South Africa, such as the most mouth wateringly delicious looking bread & patisseries [tarts & pastries], which arrive un-cooked & are baked here – these haven’t a very impressive carbon foot print – it’s been on an 12hr flight!

I strongly believe that any food or goods that are delivered to our stores need to be taxed – at the till – according to it’s carbon foot print. This would encourage local produce to be grown and made. All luxury goods – especially anything that has a high(?) carbon foot print- would be taxed heavily [different VATs]
As a Dutch economist, whose name escapes me, said – we need to abolish all income tax and only tax on what people buy – into which is calculated a carbon foot print value as well. So that the more unsustainable a product is the higher the tax penalty would be and which would also be added to it’s carbon foot print rating – calculated into it’s prise and tax category. OR something like this! – I think that’s a brilliant idea!

I wonder if it will happen in my life time?
Just imagine it………

Here are a few green tags you will find on the GREENMAVEN site:
natural and organic food. alternative energy. news. earth day. peace organizations. integral spirituality. wind power. clean technology. eco friendly home. carbon credits. prenatal yoga. organic cotton. environmental sustainability. electric cars. hemp clothing. making biodiesel. holistic health. green festivals. raw food. diet. fuel cell vehicles. solar panels. lohas. consumer. guided meditation. green building. socially responsible investing. world changing. tree hugger. documentary films. vegan recipes. species. diversity. biodegradable plastic. sustainable business. green roofs. hybrid cars. global warming. green mba. conscious capitalism. Eco-tourism. social justice

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