●If you think global warming is depressing – how’s this – pollinators are disappearing in massive numbers – no more fruit & vegetables!


The continuing loss of between 50% and 90% of hive colonies seems a terrifying scenario to me – if fruit and vegetables flowers are not pollinated then they don’t make their fruit and seeds. I’m wondering why there isn’t more noise being made about this. At a push we can live without cars but not fruit and vegetables.
Einstein mentioned that if our insects get wiped out we will also be wiped out as we are totally dependent on them fertilizing the things we eat.

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Colony collapse disorder (CCD) among honey bee populations in the United States has resulted in the loss of between 50% and 90% of hive colonies….

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Imidacloprid (IMD) substances belong in a class of chemicals called neonicotinoids, “systemic” pesticides which when applied to seeds, are absorbed into and through the entire plant.
So when a bee feeds on the pollen or nectar it can get a dose of a neurotoxin that can effect the bees nervous and immune system.
Disoriented, they buzz around in a chemical fog and cannot make it back home. If a bee is away from the hive for about a day it will eventually die.
This pesticide was banned in France in 1999 for just this reason. Beekeepers suspected it was the culprit behind a 10 year die off of over 90 Billion bees

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If bees are absorbing the pesticides then it has to be in their honey as well?

Yesterday I saw a documentary all about the massive decline in bee numbers on national geographic TV channel. [Its a couple of years old]
Even on organic farms, bees are not returning to their hives – this is done to protect the hive if they get sick – not to infect the other bees.
I saw another documentary last week on bees too – on importing hives to pollinate a massive almond farm – as the local bee keepers couldn’t supply the numbers any longer. These hives are flown in for the flowering season and then flown back to Australia and New Zealand? How green is this?!
I was shocked when the camera pulled back from a shot of a few hundred trees to reveal an aerial shot from about a kilometer high and still the frame was filled with only trees – thousands and thousands of almond trees – no wild flowers/weeds just bare soil surrounding the trees – this was also one of the reason the bees had died – no variety in their diet – which seems quite obvious to me – if we only ate one food for months I think we’d get sick too

And then their is global dimming!
There’s another thing that’s pretty worrying too – thanx to a farmer in South Africa who has been measuring the water evaporation of his dam for the past 25 yrs or longer – he noticed that water wasn’t evaporating as fast as it used to even though the temperatures had risen
Because the sun light is being blocked out by pollution – effects of carbon /fossil fuel in the atmosphere [and mythane!]

What about methane gases?
From cattle and sheep. And humans
Good old gassy wind from the posterior – farts pharts
I heard that methane is 100 or 1000? times more damaging to the planet in causing global warming
Why don’t we hear about this – may be because eating meat is such a massive multi billion industry that “they” have kept it under raps?
Need a scientist/expert to confirm or not that cattle sheep and human’s methane outstrips the pollution from cars in contributing to global warming
Any one?


One Response to “●If you think global warming is depressing – how’s this – pollinators are disappearing in massive numbers – no more fruit & vegetables!”

  1. 1 Bug Girl

    The pesticide you mention is not related to CCD. CCD occurs in areas where that chemical is no longer used. The most likely culprit is a virus:



    Also, there is no definitive source on the Einstein quote


    hoh says:
    thanx for all those links
    and yr comments

    i’m not sure which pesteside you are refereing to? – all the technical stuff i have put in quotes and i’ve given the links of the sourses – so do pls take it up with them!

    all the info i got was from the national geographic documentaries
    and the BBC world radio? or was it TV?!

    Einstein talkes about instects not bees – but i have no sourse other than one of the programs i’ve mentioned and i don’t have the time to do more research to get to the bottom of it – i see you have!

    hear say needs to be checked out at all times!

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