●USA: 100 Banned Books – What was that about freedom of speech?


Freedom of speech – Isn’t that part of their bill of rights?
Click on images to see book titles – many are childrens books!

Image + Explanation by Eric Wirick – DML East Branch @ flickr AND when you hold yr curser over the image you can see what the titles of the books are
LINK – super large size image

● Beat this for a banned book and newspapers list!
14,499 [South Africa 1950 – 1994]

Source: Beacon for Freedom THE site for ALL known banned books and newspapers since 443 BC – A truly magnificent site – thanks to the Norwegian people paying for it

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” [Who will watch the watchers?] – Decimus Junius Juvenalis.(1/2 AD)

Some quotes on the Beacon for Freedom site:

Wherever they burn books they will also, in the end, burn human beings.” -Heinrich Heine. German poet (1797-1856).

“In Algeria, from May 1993 until the end of 1995, 58 editors, journalists and media workers were systematically executed.”

“It’s dangerous to be right when the government is wrong.” -Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire. French philosopher and writer (1694-1778)

“Not to know is bad; not to wish to know is worse.” -African proverb

“You have not converted a person because you have silenced them.” -John Morley

“In 213 BC the Ch’in emperor Shih Huang-ti ordered the first recorded burning of books on the grounds that the books allegedly contained nothing but idle speculation and only excited people to criticize the government.”

“In 213 BC in China, all Confucian books were burned save one copy of each which was kept in the Chinese State Library.”

“The term “bowdlerize” means to expurgate literature; it comes from the English family Bowdler, that pioneered the commercial cutting – really rewriting – of literature.”

LINK – full list of South African Banned books & newspapers
On Beacon For Freedom of Expression’s web site

The last entry on the banned list:
14,499 `Ipi tombi`-South Africa September 4, 1981, December 18, 1981 Banned

LINK What is censorship? @ wikipedia – excellent!

LINK – Video – Excellent images of old drawings of book burning – contributed by Nyprogressive [You Tube][alleges that “Sarah Palin Has Book Burning Morality”]
ABC TV investigates Sarah Palin’s book censorship – From: Jewelreds [You Tube]

LINK – World list of banned books

Around the world list off banned books [some] @ Wikipedia

· http://www.bannedmagazine.com, the journal of censorship and secrecy
· List of books challenged in Canada
· Minneapolis Public Library: Banned Books Week
· The most frequently banned books in the early 1990s
· HarperCollins books that have been challenged
· Judy Blume talks about censorship
· Original stories by censored writers
· Fahrenheit 451 Banned Book Blog: comprehensive list of links
· Banned cartoons
· Timeline of banned books in the United States
· Links related to Banned Books Week and book burning
· The Forbidden Library: Banned and Challenged Books

[I just added this to the Wikipedia list of external links – found thanks to Google]
Beacon For Freedom of Expression’s list [55, 000] of 14,499 South African banned books and newspapers 1950 – 1994

6 Responses to “●USA: 100 Banned Books – What was that about freedom of speech?”

  1. 1 Eric

    Freedom of speech is definitely a part of our Constitution. Sometimes it seems to be forgotten by those who may have a desire to protect their children, without considering the needs of a community at large.

    Thanks for featuring our graphic, and helping us keep intellectual freedom free!
    -Eric Wirick
    East Branch of the Dayton Metro Library

  2. 2 hoh

    hi Eric
    Thank YOU for putting such a magnificent graphic together – with all the pop up titles on each book. it must have taken you hours!

    i just spent hrs copying and pasting – the credit is all yours!

    if there are any other issues you wish to disseminate do feel free to let me know about them – send email and yr links
    got to work together with like minded people!

    i think you would enjoy south africa – we are REALLY politicised thanx to the liberation struggle and apartheid

    the people are amazing but the crime is horrendous
    a visiting shrink commented that we are all living in a traumatised state of mind and we are not aware of it!

    and most of our liberation leaders are not very good at politics!

    power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely
    it’s human nature – darn politicians….. world wide they are all up to shit and the good ones get bumped off
    was it you who talks of obama’s leadership skills? wait and see what others do first then react? [sorry no time to check up on this now – late for meeting!]
    i’m so disappointed to hear about this – but at least he talks normally!

    pls post your Blog’s url


  3. 3 Eric

    You’re probably right, I’ve only heard good things about South Africa, but man that would be a giant move…

    I rant a lot on my blog, occasionally about politicians, so yeah, I said some things about Obama. It seems that nearly all politicians really are similar. You’d think I’d be excited to get our butts out of the crappy leadership we’re in now, but I don’t have a lot to look forward to with either of our two main candidates.

    Last year we had a webcam trained on our Banned Books display, so keep looking, I’m almost positive we’ll have it again, maybe with some extra surprises this year too.

  4. 4 Nikita

    Wow, I’ve read a LARGE number of the books in that image… I can’t imagine preventing people from reading them! Especially the children’s literature!!!

    hoh says:
    crazy stuff hay.
    you must take a look at the magnificent web site that came into being to make sure that all banned/burnt/destroyed books wont’ be lost to history again – thanks to all those destructive regimes and despots – it’s such a moving site – Beacon for Freedom
    something great that the UN instigated and that the Norwegians took on

  5. 5 Anonymous

    i think it is wrong to be taking a way somthing that means so much to some children. If we have a freedom of speach then we should have freedom to read. I though that AMERICA was a country of freedom

    hoh says:

    thanks for your voice

    i was very surprised too that the US has a banned book list
    you must go and look at the Beacon for Freedom site
    and look around to see what has been banned/destroyed in other countries in the last thousand years!
    its is such an insight into our human culture of power and brutality – history just keeps repeating itself – we seem to have such a short collective memory! And burning the books and omitting the truth doesn’t help much!

    we are so fortunate to have the internet and all those amazing people who have dedicated their lives to delving deeply into things so that you and i can benefit from it and pass it on to others!

    viva! freedom of speech viva!

    as a friend of Voltaire said about his beliefs, is that he might not agree with what someone was saying but that he was prepared to die for the right for them to say it – now that is freedom of speech in a nut shell!
    not sure about my being prepared to die for it
    i’m not brave enough!

  6. 6 Anon

    Too bad the picture you created is basically flat out lies. Without even looking, I can tell you half the books in those pictures aren’t restricted at all. Do some actual research before you post lies, idiot.

    ●Bizlinks says:

    Hello Anon
    Thank you for your comment

    May I suggest that you click on the photo of the books you are referring to, which will take you to the website I got them from and voice your complaint there

    I hope you had time to go to the Beacon for Freedom of Expression site that documents all the books & newspapers since 443 BC to today that have been banned, destroyed or burnt for being considered to be anti establishment/beliefs etc
    I really believe that all opinions and beliefs must be expressed
    no matter what they are
    I believe that freedom of expression is essential for a prosperous and happy society. It is through education and dialogue that we can sift through what is true or false
    I wish you all the best

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