●TOKYO: Green Peace Activists Arrested For Exposing Whale Meat Smuggling Ring


A letter of protest to the Japanese Abassador, Akihiko Furuya, mustering indignation at the arrest of Japanese Greenpeace activists in outrageous circumstances.

If you’re up with whales and down with thuggish governments,
please feel free to send a fax to the embassy.

His Excellency Abassador Akihiko Furuya
Embassy of Japan, Private Bag X999, Pretoria 0001
South Africa
Fax: + 27 [0]12 460 3800

or complain to whom ever you think will be most embarrassed at the
Japanese ministry of foreign affairs

List of Embassies, Consulates and International Organizations in Japan:


I am trying to find an email address or blog!

they obviously don’t want emails as this is the only one i found
International Symposium on Human Security – Hosted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Link: Protest Letter to the Japanese Ambassador:
http://docs.google.com/Doc?id=d8gdc87_722cmv8z9dc&invite=fkjfcp2 It’s not an attachment

you might not be able to access it – if not apologies – i didn’t set it up!
It’s stored online at Google Docs. To open this document, just click the link above.
add yr name
and then save it – top right
Top pic:fotosearch

Second pic wale close up: Jürgen Freund


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