●Cape Town: Court order on Cape displaced foreigners



“..A Cape High Court judge has ordered the City of Cape Town to open up a number of its community halls to foreign nationals displaced by last month’s xenophobic violence. The interim order, issued at midnight on Monday night, followed an urgent application by Western Cape premier Ebrahim Rasool.
In the order, acting judge Pakama Ngewu also interdicted the city’s Metro Police from preventing displaced foreigners from leaving the Soetwater camp or any other camp they were currently living in.
Following last month’s xenophobic attacks, the city opened up a number of community halls to displaced foreign nationals.
However it also moved thousands of them into six camps, the largest at Soetwater, a beach resort on the Atlantic coast.
The province, which has since taken over the running of the camps, believes the refugees should be housed closer to the communities from which they fled.
The court order followed a bid by the province earlier on Monday night to relocate some of the Soetwater refugees.
Though the province said those refugees had said they feared for their safety after acts of violence by their fellows, there were also reports that some of the refugees said they did not know why they were being moved.
A busload of Soetwater refugees was turned away by city officials from a community hall in the Samora Machel informal settlement late Monday night.
The group was eventually given shelter at a youth centre in Tokai.
Soetwater was also in the news this week when a false report that several Somali refugees had committed suicide by drowning themselves in the sea triggered a major search by rescuers…”
The return date for the High Court order is June 18. – Sapa

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