●Power Cuts Are On Again From Today Monday – In Case You Didn’t Hear – CTN


UPDATE: 15.6.08 – no power cuts till further notice! yeaaah

Even though eskom took out a double page ad to tell us they were going to implement cuts again. [ad = plus minus 200,000 rands – their profit each year is mind boggling -it’s 2 billion rands – or is that telkom? (carte blanch prog)]

I call this number to find out when
0 800 220440

Wynberg [WCape]
is Monday & Wednesdays
18:00 – 20.30

If you know yr times in yr area do leave it in the comments

They have a website but I don’t recommend it as you need to phone the number at the top to ask them where the info is – it’s only rocket scientist friendly.


SAVE all docs – close down yr computer pull out plug or switch off at the wall before the power goes off

If you have a UPS – turn it off too [uninterrupted power supply – mine was damaged]

Don’t forget Yr modem external drives anything that goes into a power socket!
Turn them off and take the socket out

WHEN POWER IS BACK – Turn Off Socket [if you left it on]
Plug All The Plugs In – Make Sure All The Devices Are Off.
Then Turn Socket On
Then Turn Your Devices Back On
It’s so easy for a spark to happen when you put a plug back in to a live socket
And that can ruin you equipment

If you can, boil some water just before it goes off!
Turn your geyser off too – before it comes on


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