●Enough with words – try cartoons – Zapiro, South Africa’s national treasure


Zapiro – Brilliant man gives visual spin to what the bleep is going on.

update 15.12.2010

Zuma is after Zapiro again – reopened case of 2 yrs ago – see post from then with cartoons that made him sue


UPDATE – Zapiro’s banned TV Satirical show – ZA News – goes on line! [17.10.09] http://htfae.tk

courtesy ZAPIRO [www.zapiro.com]


courtesy ZAPIRO [www.zapiro.com]


courtesy ZAPIRO [www.zapiro.com]

ZAPIRO HQwww.zapiro.com

LINK – Zapiro on Twitter

LINK – Zapiro being interviewed re being sued by Zuma

[Gosh I wonder why? Might it have anything to do with the SABC being run by ANC cronies? Paybackenistas?]

LINK – Z NEWS pilot
[yaba daba doo for the internet & YOUTUBE!]

I recall seeing a TV news head line – first item on the news – singing the praises of the boxer Tyson as he’d arrived in South Africa and we were told that a gala evening in his honour was being held which vice president Jacob Zuma would also be attending.
Interesting bit of PR I thought – had no one made the connection that Tyson had been in jail for rape and the Zuma rape trial? Someone must have mentioned something as Zuma didn’t attend the gala because of some important state business.
The international press would have had a field day I’m sure.

Other Zapiro Gems

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