●Masiphumelele – more good news


Police and community workers? drove/walked? through the township with loud hailers telling people who took/stole stuff [in xenophobia outbreaks of violence and looting] to return it.
They did!

I was told this, this afternoon
I have not checked it out so it could be a rumour or an urban myth
Can anyone confirm this pls?
I really want it to be true

UPDATE: Monday 2.6.08 1PM
What she told you is true.

It is written in the Echo community newpaper dated 29th May 2008.

“Sat. 23 May: A joint community and police effort is made to recover
stolen property by going door to door…. Sunday May 23. Some stolen
goods are returned and taken to Ocean View police station for
safekeeping. ….”

Masiphumelele is the most amazing community! Lots of organisations are
involved in the makings of this strong community.


[bloody marvellous! as a friend of mine says – thanks K]

●Thank you for this piece of hope that we so needed to hear about here
in America where 11 of us South African artists have been horrified at
what we’ve been seeing and hearing via the net – feeling helpless so
far away. We have also been comforted by the many initiatives by our
communities and artists to support the people under attack and to
conscientise everyone about the “madness” of this war on our own
brothers and sisters.
[forwarded from KN]

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