●Inter-faith initiative for Peace now


[received thursday 29 may – do pass it on]

At 9pm, until 9:15pm this Friday 30th May, a group of people will be meeting to meditate on spreading peace and calm through Cape Town and South Africa. This is particularly in response to the events of recent days. If other groups also arrange to meet and meditate on this at this time, the effects can be powerful. For those that need proof of such things you can read up on experiments done in the US, where crime stats went down as a result of such initiatives:


Deep seated change is required to create more equality and peace in our world, but it will not come through violence. I firmly believe that all violence in the world is a reflection of inner conflicts within the individual. If the individual has a genuine peace inside, he/she will not create violence on the outside, either through words, thoughts, or actions. Perceived problems are only genuinely resolved from a place of calmness and clarity, as free as possible from ego. The consciousness that a peaceful individual creates has a profoundly powerful effect on our global group consciousness.

Perhaps a tip for the meditations: do not pray or hope for Love or peace to spread, affirm that it is Here, Now, Present and at work.

So far the following groups are converging at 8 Lionel Rd, Wynberg.
Meet from 8 onwards (Daniel & Ingrid 021 761 6501)

Friday Jive Jam (Freedance), dancing is from 7:30 till 9, meditation will follow on immediately. Kalk Bay community hall, Kalk Bay Main rd.663 Seagull Rd., House Khaya, Scarborough @ 9.00 (Mirka 021-780 1862)

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