“….Masiphumelele leads South Africa and restores our southern peninsula

Brief outline of events from Masiphumelele eMzantsi coordinator Rodney
Thursday night: relatively minor trouble in Masi following evacuation
of foreigners by police – mostly young drunken ‘tsotsis’ taking
advantage of the situation and looting.
Friday: Yandiswa Mazwane, community leader, mobilises all other leaders
for peace rally with help of the ‘Ubuntu Coalition’ (eMzantsi Carnival,
Art of Living, other NGOs). Leaders address packed community hall at
6pm, vociferous support expressed for foreigners (“we want them in
2010, why not now?”), wonderful prayer and singing, and candlelit vigil
(featured on eTV news Sat night). Tangible sense of calm restored on
Saturday: community leaders hold two follow up meetings, first to allow their community to voice any concerns. Quite apparent this is not
evidence of xenophobia but rather persistent economic stress
(NB no force was used against foreigners in Masiphumelele [Masi]).
2nd meeting of all community structures made a plan to restore righteous order…
Saturday night: joint community and police effort to recover all stolen property by going door to door. Involving ANC, SANCO, Salvation Army –
everyone. Street committees re-empowered. Masi pride restored.
Sun morning: people still spontaneously bringing stuff back. All taken
to Ocean View police station for safekeeping.
Sun afternoon: Premier arrives to congratulate Masi community leaders.
Deputation take memo to Soetwater to read to refugees to invite them
back home. More than 70 people welcomed back to Masi with a KFC supper
in the late evening.
PLEASE NOTE this was a community initiated and community driven
effort. eTV news on Sunday made out this was a police exercise, but the
police supported the community, not the other way round.
Masi leaders
should be praised for doing on Friday what Mbeki had not had the
courage to do – stand up and say “This is not acceptable here. We
condemn it, and we will act immediately to make amends.” We in the
South should be proud of them

Reassuringly, local councillors Felicity Purchase and Nicki
Holderness were on the ground as we left last night, local police were
doing the best they could, and bakkie loads of officials had started to
arrive… watch this space.

The Art of Living Foundation
is offering trauma relief programmes in
both Masiphumelele and Soetwater – contact
Candi Horgan on 082 561 2879 for information.
They would like to thank Cafe Roux, Noordhoek, for lending them their tent.

If you have food, clothes, blankets, heaters or baby supplies
to donate, please take them to:
the Sun Valley Pick’n’Pay for distribution to those in need.

If you would like to volunteer an hour of your time, email
sam@samp.co.za or leave your contact details on 021 789 1665. We will
call you if and when we can use you.
Sam Pearce
from the office of the eMzantsi Carnival project
Harlequin Foundation – creating a common culture through carnival….”

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One Response to “●CAPE TOWN XENOPHOBIA – GOOD NEWS: Masiphumelele!”

  1. 1 Ann

    Hello there – I am British and have just bought a house in Glencairn. I would very much like to become involved as a volunteer helping young people to learn to read etc in your community at one of the schools. Could you put me in touch with someone who could assist in organising this please? I would be very happy to hear from anyone with any ideas.

    hoh says:

    welcome to south africa!

    Funny you should ask me about ‘helping young people to learn to read’
    Just the other day i was in touch with a wonderful organisation called
    Help 2 read!


    tel +27 (0) 21 671 0824
    fax +27 (0) 21 671 0825

    1st Floor – 66 Main Rd – Claremont- 7708 – Cape Town – South Africa

    you must join up with the talent exchange!
    It’s a new economic system that uses talents as apposed to rands
    It’s international too – based on the principle of give and take or take and give!


    loads of like minded people who have all kinds of projects underway to help empower others
    it’s a virtual bartering system of sorts – in that you don’t have to barter with the person you are selling or buying form
    it’s all based on interest free virtual money ie talents – love it the people are fabulous too
    there are loads of them in yr neck of the woods
    Yr most welcome to get in touch with me via email
    hoh321 [at] gmail.com
    hope to hear from you

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