Statistics & facts!
WP Super Geek Team – courtesy – spot Maya the token women! [if you want to know their names go to Link]

  • 655,178,604 [655 million] pageviews on
  • 4,903,485 logins
  • 63,730,680 [63million] pageviews in RSS feeds.
  • 3,258,032 posts
  • 1,330,355 new pages
  • 240,494 blogs were created.
  • 281,729 new users joined.
  • 2,533,704 file uploads
  • About 740 gigabytes of new files.
  • 317 terabytes of content transferred from our datacenters.
  • 1,063,538,044 [1 billion] pageviews total across blogs using our stats system. We broke a billion!!
  • 884,208 active blogs, where “active” means they got a human visitor.
  • 152,005,525 [152 million] unique people visited blogs.
      Random facts:

    • About 30% of pageviews go to blogs with their own domains.
    • 43% of pageviews to permalink pages.
    • 30% of pageviews go to blogs in languages other than English. The most popular? Spanish, Portuguese, and Indonesian.
    • 63% of our visitors were from outside of the United States.
    • About 93% of pageviews were to people not logged in.
    • People logged in somewhere using OpenID 84 thousand times.
    • Blogs using the Digg3 theme got 5.26% of total traffic.
    • There were 475 posts made via the Atom API (234,831 with XML-RPC).
    • We sent 3,761,059 emails.
  • …”Posted by Matt Friday, May 2nd, 2008 at 6:25 am [GMT?] Filed under: Features,, Wrapup.

00:54 Cape Town South Afrika


  1. a billion views? wow… i’m in awe…and really glad i started here….

  2. 2 bubbleonfire

    hey thanks for that info… weird stat about digg3

  3. 3 Ros

    Um, why is that amazing? More than 63% of the world’s population live outside the US and, incredible though it may seem, many of them have the internet too.

  4. 4 hoh

    hi ros
    good point!
    i meant the list of the stats r amazing
    the numbers are fantastic!
    it’s easy to see what is going on just looking at clustermaps clustermap!
    europe’s jam packed
    not much going on in africa cluster map wise
    i’m living in the dot on the sea’s edge at the bottom of afrika!
    can’t see the sea from here
    have to go up the hill about 2 mins by car and i can sea 2 oceans one to the left and one to the right
    very confusing for a few seconds – the cape peninsula
    to get to the sea it would take about 15 to 20 mins with no traffic about
    i’m sure you really wanted to know all of that! 🙂

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